The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Energy Drinks

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements


Each one of us have either personally or through commercials seen athletes and Gym enthusiasts with a sipper having sips of their energy drink before starting a workout. We might call them as an energy drink, proteins and so on but they fall under only category known as “Pre-workout nutrition”. Pre-workout nutrition in the form of pre workout drink, pre-workout tablets etc. that act as stimulants helping to energize the body physically and mentally for any activity. These pre-workout supplements should not be perceived “Supernatural Stamina THE PROS AND CONS OF PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT Boosters” as each of them is prepared with proprietary blend of different health components like amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins etc.

The famous quote “Too much of anything is also Bad” also stands true when it comes to Pre-workout supplementation. There are both Pros and cons of consuming a pre-workout blend as well as factors such as concentration of supplement intake, timing, diet, long term effects on health, etc. Let us analyze some of the few pros and cons in detail.


Pros of Pre-workout nutrition.

Energy boost- Pre-workout nutrition in the form of Amino acids, energy boosters such as L-arginine, L-carnitine etc. help in boosting the muscle energy. L-Arginine helps to enhance the blood flow by dilating blood vessels which increase the oxygen and nutrient availability to muscle for energy boost thereby helping in improving workout performance.

Alertness- Pre-workout supplements can help to improve alertness and focus which helps to perform more efficiently. Be it cycling, marathons or any sports like football, cricket pre-workout energy drinks help to provide the necessary boost thereby preventing fatigue and preventing exhaustion for smooth workout sessions.


Anaerobic energy output- During intense training session and even sports like football and cricket our body utilizes the anaerobic system which works without oxygen to generate energy using body nutrients. This helps in intensifying the workout regimes which helps to enhance performance parameters such as stamina, endurance etc.

Immunity- Energy drinks in the form of pre-workout arginine supplements, pre workout tablets which are also formulated with antioxidants such as lycopene, zinc helps to eliminate the cell damaging free radicals produced in the body during intense workouts. These antioxidants also helps strengthening immunity proving beneficial against common infections which might hinder the performance.

Cons of Pre-workout nutrition.

Overconsumption Side-effects- The “Energy Kick” given by the pre-workout supplements might be effective but continuous consumption of the same with an intention to stay active round the clock is also harmful. Overuse of L-carnitine supplements, Arginine for pre workout can cause overstimulation which can cause insomnia (lack of sleep), hyperactivity that can lead to quick exhaustion etc.


Inaccurate formulation- Although there are many products under the claim of “Best Pre-workout supplements in India” it is possible that these supplements consist of artificial ingredients, stimulants and energy boosters. These are not scientifically crafted blends and can lead to numerous health effects such as allergies, exhaustion or even gastric disorders if consumed frequently or in high dosage.

Banned substance free supplements- Even if all of us are very particular about the composition of the pre-workout supplement, most of us fail to check the quality assurance of the supplements. Low quality pre-workout supplements with banned substances can cause adverse effects on health. Choosing the pre-workout supplements.

Just consuming pre-workout supplements without backing it up with other factors like proper nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate rest might not be sufficient for improving the performance. Also keeping in mind the pros and cons of elements involved in pre-workout drinks, tablets etc. each need to be analyzed well enough to make the most out of your workout routine.

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