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Can a diabetic have ORS?

Published : Jan 08, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Jan 10, 2023

diabetic have ORS

Dehydration and diabetes go hand in hand together, which is not a good signal for many. An important therapeutic role of ORS is seen in dehydration, acute gastroenteritis, acute malnutrition and people who are on antibiotics for a longer duration cases. WHO are creating newer formulations of ORS are under active investigation, with promise of added benefits, including promotion of intestinal healing. The latest formula or ORS released by the World Health Organization is a combination of a sodium chloride or salt, potassium chloride, trisodium citrate and anhydrous glucose, which simulates water and electrolyte absorption in the gut.

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There is a big confusion between populations whether Oral Rehydration Solution for diabetes is effective? There is a fear or say a myth in mind of many that sugar whether present in fruits or natural table sugar should not be consumed since they might increase blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where there is insulin resistance observed or complete absence of insulin. Diabetics have common symptom termed as polyuria because insulin production is less and along with this high blood glucose, levels lead to decreased hydration in the body. The kidneys are overloaded with multi-tasking functions to substitute this loss happening. Here the body needs electrolytes to avoid this dangerous state. Symptoms include dry mouth, hypoglycemia, dark yellow color urine, extreme tiredness, lack of energy. 

ORS for Diabetics

Treating dehydration in Diabetes:

Excessive thirst is an initial symptom of diabetes, as well as a symptom of mild dehydration. Minimum 2.5-3 liters daily needs to be consumed by every single person as per his/her requirements and physical activity. Water has no calories and no sugar! If dehydration is more severe, the addition of electrolytes has to be administered which may be lost from the body through dehydration.

Other sources include infused water, buttermilk, curds, unsweetened yoghurt, limewater, coconut water, green tea, home- made vegetable soups through which they can meet their water requirements for the day. Limiting caffeine would be helpful since it is correlated to dehydration. Diabetic population who faces hypoglycemia frequently, strenuous exercises, are on medications/insulin, diarrhea, GI issues can have ORS under proper portions prescribed by family physician if these co-factors exist.

Checking the composition of ORS of any specific brand has to be taken care of by all.
Composition of ORS:
Can a diabetic have ORS?
(Values expressed as mmol/l)

The following are the benefits of having ORS supplementation:

  • Replenishes water and essential electrolytes.
  • Decreases stroke chances
  • Transporting essential nutrients into cells
  • Balancing the amount of water in the body
  • Regulating muscle, nerve, heart and brain functions

The key here is to continuously replenish electrolytes as the body loses them through excessive sweating or frequent urination, which many diabetics face daily... Therefore, for people with diabetes, especially the ones who exercise or do physical work that burns up energy, finding a proper sugar free ors hydration/ electrolyte drink can be a life saver for many!

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