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Nutrition Trend – ISL 2022

Published : Feb 22, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Nutrition Trend – ISL 2022

Indian Super League (ISL) is India’s premier football tournament. It started in 2014 and has taken the whole nation by storm. It has become every Indian footballer’s dream to play in the ISL. Football is a very competitive sport. Players need to be extremely fit both physically and mentally to play the game at the highest level. Football is a very physically demanding sport hence fitness plays an important role in player’s performance. Nutrition plays a very important role in all of this. Better nutrition better performance.

ISL players rely on the best diet that will help them to achieve the best result on the pitch. They need to consume all the right food that covers both their macro and micro nutrition requirement. ISL players and their fitness staff must follow the latest nutrition trend to keep them up to date with the latest development in the world of athlete nutrition.

Let’s try and find out ISL nutrition 2022

  • Power of protein

Protein is the building block of the muscle. Footballers need more protein than others to help their bodies recover, repair and rebuild. For that reason, choosing a great protein supplement is important for ISL players.

  • Carbs for energy

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for high-intensity sports like football. It’s important to eat adequate amounts of carbohydrates while training or during the game. Carbs provide footballers with glucose. It is also the main source of energy for footballer. Carbs are also not fattening which is good for any footballers. Consumption of carbs is to preserve endogenous energy stores.

  • BCAA for muscle recovery

ISL fixture comes thick and fast. There is very little recovery time in between for the players. Hence muscle recovery is very important for the players if they want to keep performing at the highest level in every game. BCAA is very important in muscle building, muscle recovery and preventing muscle breakdown. ISL footballers also have an intense workout routine so they can consume BCAA supplements during intra-workout also.

  • Moderate fat consumption

ISL players should consume a good type of fat i.e. saturated fats. Less fat can affect nutrient absorption and impact performance, so moderation is necessary while consuming fats. It keeps players satisfied meal to meal as fats are calorie dense. The main focus should be on omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

  • Hydration is the key

Dehydration is the most dangerous thing for any footballer. In India temperature can be very hot hence no player can ignore proper hydration. During practice and the game, players lose a lot of body fluid which needs to be replenished. Hence ISL players should use an electrolytes drink that will help them recharge quickly. 

ISL 2022

If ISL wants to be one of the top footballing leagues in the world then it has to make sure that the athletes are well looked after in terms of their nutrition. Every club must be part of the latest trends in sports nutrition. ISL nutrition trends should match the global nutrition trends. Only then Indian football can achieve great thing globally.

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