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Top Nutrition Strategies for Kabaddi Athletes

Published : Jun 16, 2017 6 mins read Updated On : Nov 03, 2023

Kabaddi is a demanding game, which requires the player to be strong, his stamina levels to be way above average, he has to be agile, and also be really fast with all of this. Nutrition plays a key role to attain all this. The game requires the player to keep chanting Kabaddi throughout the game without taking a break which will push their endurance limits.

Running, dodging, kicking, and getting out of the opposite team's player's grip are essential skills of a kabaddi player. It is also a game that is played quickly and the players have to move and think fast. It's a game of physical and mental strength. Hence, the Fitness and Nutrition of a kabaddi player play a key role in making a player stand out.

A kabaddi player needs to eat about 5 times a day and typically is on a high-calorie diet because Kabaddi as a sport requires extremely strong muscles and physical strength and only high-intensity training can produce that kind of muscle and strength.

And for such training, they need a high-calorie diet. Along with the diet, these players need also their daily vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and workout supplements to keep up with their vigorous training sessions.

Fast & Up India, as a sports nutrition company, has the right kind of products to support the game requirements and workout supplements. The products are made to elevate your performance on the day of the game and also help do your best during the fitness sessions as well.

Fast and Up Activate, is a pre-workout supplement. It is an intelligent combination of Arginine, Carnitine, and Essential Active Nutrients that works as an effervescent Pre-Workout Drink to ensure you are ready for your fitness session and on the day of your game.

It helps in enhancing the Nitric Oxide (NO) content in the body which is a natural performance booster that strengthens your heart, lungs, and nerves, along with every cell in your body. It also allows you to prolong your exercise session, and prolonged exercise increases NO levels in your body.

It's a virtuous cycle that can lead to improved athletic performance. It also helps in increasing the blood flow in the system. Enhances oxygen availability to muscle cells. Oxygen is necessary to break down glucose from food.

If there is an insufficient amount of oxygen, the body's muscles will try to produce energy in another way. However, this often leads to an accumulation of lactic acid, a chemical that causes cramping. These are a few examples of how Activate can benefit a kabaddi player. Recovery is the utmost important process for any sport. Training causes physical stress and depletion.

Recovery is when adaptation to that stress occurs; it involves improvements in muscle tissue rebuilding, glycogen storage, and immune system functioning. After a high-intensity training session, your body should basically be ready for another similar workout the next day. During exercise, muscle tissues are breaking down to produce energy.

Even muscles, like your eyes, reduce the amount of energy used to compensate for what's being used during physical activity. During post-workout, your muscles continue to break down when you are recovering. This is the reason sports persons use BCAAs before and after they exercise, to decrease the amount of muscle tissue continuously breaking down for energy.

It is the BCAAs (Branch chained amino acids) that help your cells repair, grow and provide energy. Researchers found that after an intense workout, muscle damage can occur. The damage causes muscle soreness 24-48 hours after exercising and affects physical performance. They also discovered supplementing with BCAAs help recovered cells that have deteriorated after a training session and preserved glutamine levels.

Your immune system is often suppressed after an exhausting workout, and cytokines frequently appear to protect your body from getting sick. While supplementing with BCAAs post-workout, scientists have observed a decline in the appearance of cytokines after a workout. This indicates your immune system is healthy!

Fast and Up answer to this is Recover. This is an ideal post-workout drink to have which provides you with a unique combination of Essential Amino Acids, L-Arginine, and L-Glutamine along with BCAA's to repair your muscle tissues and help you prepare for the next workout, which is of utmost importance for a kabaddi player. They promote protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown.

It is used to build proteins in the body and balances biological molecules at a cellular level. These players should consume plenty of fluids, particularly water or electrolyte-enhanced beverages.

Along with a proper diet and training, hydration provides an edge to becoming a stronger and healthier player. Glucose and electrolyte-enhanced beverages replenish glycogen stores in the muscles and liver and provide much-needed hydration.

Kabaddi players should begin a game well hydrated and drink chilled liquids frequently throughout an event as they are absorbed faster than room-temperature fluids and help to lower body temperature. The one product to look for the proper electrolyte-enhanced beverages is Fast & Up Reload.

It is a Hypotonic drink that gives the right amount of Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Water. A sports drink having the correct range of carbohydrate content is recommended for enhanced performance during training sessions as well as during a game. They provide fuel to the brain and muscles that are actively involved during these sessions.

The two main electrolytes present are sodium and potassium. These electrolytes aid to replenish salts lost due to sweating during training sessions and games. It also has Magnesium. Magnesium's pivotal role is in both anaerobic and aerobic energy production, particularly in the metabolism of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the 'energy currency of the body.

Too little potassium, calcium, or magnesium in your diet can contribute to leg cramps, which is common for a player. This drink helps in keeping it at bay and also helps you get the right nutrition during training or a game. These players can also consume simple carbs directly before, during, and directly after workouts.

It may come as a surprise that simple carbohydrates (or simple sugars) are not always bad, especially for athletes. Simple sugars are digested very quickly and will result in a rapid rise in our body's blood sugar.

This is typically unwarranted because if that blood sugar is not utilized, say, through exercise, for example, then it will be stored in a fat cell. However, the upside to simple sugars is that it provides a quick, easy-to-burn fuel for our muscles. Carbohydrate Gels are a good example of this.

The carbohydrates in Fast and Up Malto Gel are simple sugar which makes it a great, ready-to-burn fuel source during a workout. Sugar and caffeine give the body a quick boost in energy and concentration.

This helps you in powering yourself in workouts and also during a game. Especially when these players have back-to-back games during an event and do not have enough time to eat a meal and get its benefits.

Malto Gel is a perfect solution and helps you power through these events. Since Kabaddi is an endurance game and requires high physical strength like muscle strength plays an important role, Fast and Up Prototal helps you in achieving just that.

It is a supplement with protein peptides extracted from a Norwegian Salmon and pre-digested amino acids. The protocol has the highest bioavailability of these amino acids and has a faster absorption rate. This helps in preventing muscle loss and helps build lean muscle.

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