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Nutrition for Active Kids and Young Athletes

Most children are bundles of energy, which is a good sign and must be encouraged, as an active life is indeed nourishing (as long as they aren’t wreaking too much havoc!). Whether this active energy manifests itself in sport, and they become athletes, or if they divert all that energy into other fields of interest, nurturing your child’s enthusiastically active outlook, is a fundamental building block to healthy adulthood. Now, one of the primary ways this can be safeguarded is through the sustaining power of adhering to an intelligent nutritional diet. Fast&Up is the official nutrition partner of Sports For All, a leading platform showcasing young talent ranging from 6-year-old budding talents to formidable 18-year-old young athletes, we understand the role a wholesome nutritional diet plays in the formation of a young champion athlete. So, let us discuss a few nutritional essentials that support active kids and young athletes:

Daily Multivitamins

Daily multivitamins are a fantastic way to guarantee you are delivered all the daily nutrients that a child needs, all in one place. Support the athlete in your child with vitality. The essential nutrients fuel the body with active energy and maintain overall health. It will take no time off your day, and instead of swallowing multiple pills a day, you can use Fast&Up’s effervescent multivitamin tablets, that you can just drop in your glass of water!

Nutrition For Active Kids And Young Athletes

Strengthen Immunity

If your child is an athlete, you would not want him/her to lose out on essential training time, only because of their poor immunity. One way to boost their immunity is through the use of natural immunity strengtheners such as these Vitamin c effervescent tablets. Illness can cause muscle loss, and weaken stamina, and therefore, we should aim to drive avoidable pesky illnesses away as much as possible. This will safeguard the development of the growing athlete within them!

Nutrition For Active Kids And Young Athletes

Protect Their Bones 

Growing children should persistently fulfill their calcium requirements for the strong and healthy development of their bones. But this is true, all the more, for children who are athletes, as this will safeguard the strength of their bones as adults. As mentioned, children can be fussy about their eating habits (unless it comes to sugar-filled treats) and so you can try these calcium effervescent tablets, that will ensure they hit their calcium requirements with none of the coercion needed when you offer them a glass of milk! 

Active nutrition can be a great support for the healthy growth of children involved in activities and sport, as it will nurture and foster a healthy body to maximize their potential. To begin your journey into active nutrition click here. Nourish, train, and replenish with Fast&Up.

Nutrition For Active Kids And Young Athletes


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