How L-Carnitine can help you in Running

Published : Dec 24, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    how L-Carnitine can help you in Running


    L- Carnitine is ammonium compound which is involved in metabolism. It helps body turn fat into energy. It is important in heart and brain function. L-Carnitine is produced in brain, liver and kidneys. Carnitine deficiency can cause muscle weakness also liver and heart problem that can affect your running performance.

    How does it work?

    L- Carnitine transport fatty acids into mitochondria where they can be burned to produce energy.

    What are the different sources of L-Carnitine?

    How does running keeps someone fit?

    1. Running helps in burning calories and fats in the body.
    2. Running can improve cardiovascular health.
    3. Running can helps to manage stress level also helps to better sleep.
    4. Running is found to be helpful is reducing the symptoms of depression.
    5. Running fights of beer belly problem.

    So how does L-carnitine helps runners?

    Endurance for a regular runner is vital. Hence, it needs right kind of fuel to enhance endurance. One of the main functions of L-Carnitine is to help body turn fat into energy which is critical for endurance of a runner. Some people are blessed with good metabolism while others are not so lucky. L- Carnitine also boots metabolism which allows you to digest food faster and convert it to energy. It aids in muscles recovery. The preferred time to consume L-Carnitine is in the morning or before workout because it gets absorbed quickly into the body and help you produce more energy to improve your running performance. 

    how does L-carnitine helps runners


    Running is one of the most demanding forms of cardio exercise. It requires a lot of time and effort for the body to get into optimal condition for frequent, long distance running. There cannot be any shortcuts in this process. You must give your body all the tools it need. L-carnitine can be the link that prepares your body for that long run and helps you achieve your full potential.

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