How Does Effervescent Technology Simplify Nutrition?

How Does Effervescent Technology Simplify Nutrition?

The nutrition and dietary supplement industry are growing at a rapid speed. And to achieve the market demand, every company is trying to come up with innovative ideas to match customer's needs and to stay ahead in the game. Many of the innovations revolve around convenience or ease of the customer. With new ingredient discoveries and proliferating data from research on pre-existing materials, the need for a readily absorbable product for consumers is the next logical step for new functional products.
How Does Effervescent Technology Simplify Nutrition?
While talking about innovations and technologies, effervescent technology is a viable choice. Effervescence is the chemical reaction within an aqueous solution (water) of acids and bases producing the release of carbon dioxide.

But how does it make my nutrition better?

Hold it, we'll give you enough reasons:

Pleasant to taste buds: Effervescent tablets are popular due to the fact they can be dissolved in water or fruit juice. This means that they often taste better than regular tablets. Conventional tablets dissolve slowly which can result in reduced absorption rates, effervescent tablets, in contrast, dissolve quickly and completely, meaning you get the full benefit from the ingredients.

Even Distribution: Conventional tablets take time to dissolve once ingested. Sometimes, it only partially dissolves, which can lead to irritation in some cases. The upside of effervescent tablets is that they dissolve quickly, completely and evenly. This means no localized concentrations of the ingredients, which means no irritation after consumption.

Easy Alternative: For those who have trouble swallowing pills because of illness or old age, effervescent tablets are your saviour. Older individuals who have difficulty taking pills but need to take medicine or supplements on a daily basis, effervescent tablets are a great alternative. Just drop, fizz, drink.
How Does Effervescent Technology Simplify Nutrition?
Gentle on the digestive tract: The effervescent technology has a gentle action on the consumer's digestive system because they dissolve fully in buffer solution. Buffering prevents gastric acids from mixing with the drug, which can be a major cause of stomach and esophageal upsets.

Increased liquid intake: Because most of the effervescent tablets dissolve in water, this increases the water intake of an individual. And since proper hydration is essential for good health and well-being, effervescent tablets checks off another box.

Now that you know how the effervescent tablets help you, its time you try yourself some. Visit or any Wellness Forever store near you.

Happy Fizzing to you!


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