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Effervescent Technology - Innovation In Nutrition

Published : Sep 10, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 14, 2023


Curiosity is the key to keep finding better ways of adding value to a particular thing. The same curiosity driven by passion for excellence is what fuels Fast&Up to deliver the best nutrition to you from 2015 till date. You could witness piles of Nutrition essentials in the market made under the same old traditional manner suited for different purposes. But what sets apart Fast&Up from the mass? It’s the Innovative Effervescent technology which powers our products making it best thereby maximizing its benefits.

The Need for Innovation!

It is important to keep on improving what already exists in order to explore the true potential of Right Nutrition which fuels our performance and daily health. The idea was sparked from the need of creating a product with right nutrition combined with effervescence in order to provide better and faster absorption and bioavailability along with ease of use and which gives results, THE REAL RESULTS!

Effervescent Technology - Innovation In Nutrition

How Effervescent tablets changed the GAME!

One of the evident benefits for effervescent tablets is that they dissolve quickly in water as compared to the traditional tablets which take a while. Consuming nutrition on the go is essential when you are involved in sports activities as well as faced paced daily routine. Effervescent tablets promote quick absorption of nutrients by improving benefits of ingredients of tablets be it Calcium, Multivitamins or Electrolytes. Also, Effervescent tablets taste better than the regular tablets which is important as it helps in quick consumption of the same especially during workout sessions in Gyms as well as marathons and other sports.

As compare to regular tablets, Effervescent tablets do not produce any residue or leftovers at the bottom of the glass or container after dissolving in water. Regular tablets when consumed directly with water have a chance of dissolve slow inside body as well as dissolve partially. This impacts the purpose of consuming the nutrition tablets giving unsatisfactory results.

Effervescent Technology - Innovation In Nutrition

Intense exercise causes exhaustion as our body loses electrolytes in the form of sweat causing dehydration. Fast&Up effervescent tablets of Reload increases the liquid intake along with ingredients such as electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorides. These rehydrate the body to promote during workout energy for an uninterrupted exercise performance and helps to prevent dehydration and counter fatigue which helps in improving performance parameters such as endurance, pace, consistency etc.

Consumption of Regular tablets can lead to localized concentration of the same in the stomach where the digestion of the nutrients starts often leading to irritation. This is not the case with effervescent tablets. As Fast&Up effervescent tablets completely dissolve in water it helps in even distribution of nutrients making it easy to absorb with no localized concentration in the body. This benefits in having no gastric discomfort by consumption of effervescent nutrition thereby helping in uninterrupted the exercise rhythm as well as daily routine.

A Nation with immense spirit for sports and fitness requires an innovative nutrition to improve performance. Fuel yourself with India’s #1 Nutrition powered by innovative effervescent technology to stay ahead of the curve and give your best in best possible way.

Effervescent Technology - Innovation In Nutrition

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi
Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi
Fast&Up Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi is a renowned practitioner of Nutrigenomics and founder of DNA Diet based in Gujarat. He has over 10 years of experience in medical nutrition which stands highly unique in the... Read More

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