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Does Whey Protein Isolate Cause Hair Loss

Whey Protein Isolate Cause Hair Loss

Protein supplements have become an eye picker worldwide especially when it comes to whey protein for the ones who are looking to gain muscle mass. Most protein supplements contain whey protein isolate (WPI), which is highly processed and whey protein concentrate (WPC) which is less popular but less processed. Whey protein isolate is considered as a fast digesting protein with many benefits such as weight loss, maintaining muscle mass in elderly, positive impact on hair as well as nails etc... There are some not so good rumours revolving about consumption of isolate supplementation leading to hair fall.

While genetics clearly has an impact on the most common types of hair loss, there are many foreplay factors involved such as thyroid issues, dietary deficiencies, medications, use of growth hormone‐based supplements during weight training, high testosterone levels, use of steroids for weight training, and use of weight‐loss products and fat burners. The real story is that good quality proteins are needed whether its hair, nails, growth, skin.

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Our body can produce 11 of the 20 amino acids, which means you have to get the remaining nine amino acids [essential amino acids] from food. It’s important to keep in mind that hair follicles are mostly composed of a protein called keratin. And the protein which we get through diet can help hair to grow and stay healthy. If the diet is low in complete proteins, which doesn’t contain all nine essential amino acids, hair damage will be seen.

Whey Isolate For Hair Loss

Genes are much more likely to have an impact on the amount of hair lost when compared to current diet, hair washing habits and nutrient intake. Hereditary baldness / alopecia are related to defects in the immune system, not whey protein! Correction in protein needs to be considered with the help of a professional.

Combination of biotin, selenium, iron, complete amino acids profile especially isolate and vitamin D would help to a greater extent in reducing hair damage. Avoiding hair treatments such as hair colour, blow dry, keratin treatment, and sulphur containing shampoos can bring about positive results if excluded.

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