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Complete Pre-Workout Supplements Guide: Health Benefits & Effects

Published : Mar 30, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Mar 21, 2024

Are you fed up going to the gym every day feeling lethargic, tired, and unmotivated? Then a pre-workout supplement is all you need! According to a study, if you take pre-workout supplements regularly before hitting the gym, it may result in a significant increase in training volume, VO2 max, and lean body mass. Also, it can speed up the rate at which trained recreational athletes can lose body fat. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Now, if you are planning to take pre-workout supplements, know that you should do it smartly and safely. To help you with that, we’ve created this blog where you’ll get to know all about pre-workouts. Ready to read? Scroll down!

What exactly is a pre-workout supplement?

Did you know how important fuelling your body properly before exercise is? If you’re not equipped with proper food, you’ll feel weaker, fatigue faster, and feel less energized than normal. This is exactly why pre-workout is designed! This supplement is all you need to increase your focus and give your energy levels a huge boost.

Complete Pre-Workout Supplements Guide: Health Benefits & Effects

When and how should you take pre-workout supplements?

The pre-workout supplements are available in a variety of formats – from shakes and meals to tablets and more. Usually, you are required to mix the pre-workout supplement with a drink and take it around 30 minutes before you start your exercise.

What are the benefits of pre-workout supplements?

Here are some benefits of pre-workout supplements that you can’t ignore:

1. Increased workout efficiency and performance

Did we tell you that the biggest benefit of a pre-workout supplement is that it can not only improve your ability to train harder, but also more efficiently? Well, yes! Whether you’re trying to build muscle mass or lose weight, a pre-workout supplement can help you to operate at the highest efficiency. It makes sure that you’re feeling good, you’re locked in and you have the stamina, power and energy to excel in your workout session.

2. More energy for exercise

If you have more energy during your workout session, it’s obviously a benefit, isn’t it? A pre-workout supplement such as Activate from Fast&Up has ingredients that can help you feel energised throughout your workout session and make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. And the best thing about this supplement is that you can have this every day without any side-effects. Happy?

3. Faster recovery

Did you know that a pre-workout supplement can help you recover afterwards as well, even if you take this before your workout session? With pre-workout supplements, the soreness in your muscle will reduce and your insulin and glucose level will increase after your workout, thereby helping you feel better and heal faster.

4. Metabolism and weight loss

Have you joined the gym because you want to lose weight? Then know that pre-workout supplements can help you lose weight too! They have some effective ingredients that can stimulate your metabolism. You can stay fit and fine, as they’ll delay the feeling of hunger.

5. Improved concentration at the gym

Whatever you do, staying focused is very important. After all, keeping calm and having a healthy, stress-free life is crucial, as it can lead you to success. This is where pre-workout supplements become essential. If you take this supplement before a workout, it’ll prevent you from feeling stressed out after your workout session.

How to choose the best pre-workout supplement?

This is the most important part. Remember that whatever supplement you choose, it should be based on your budget and individual goals.

Here are some tips:

 The best thing that you can do before buying a pre-workout supplement is to read the product reviews. Check what the customers have written. Go for products that have more positive reviews than negative
 See if the product is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Choose your preference
 Look for ingredients such as L-Arginine and L-Carnitine. If the product contains these ingredients, go for it
 Have a look at the brand. Is it used by the big names in the fitness industry? If so, buy it!

Our recommendation

Already decided to take pre- workout supplement before hitting the gym? Not sure which brand or product to choose? We’re here to help.
Complete Pre-Workout Supplements Guide: Health Benefits & Effects

Activate, from the house of Fast&Up, would be the best choice!

This pre-workout drink has some unique ingredients in it including L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Lycopene, Coenzyme Q10, and Zinc. It helps in delaying fatigue and increases your endurance. If you want to keep a balance between fitness and lifestyle, Activate is all you need! L-Arginine increases the availability of oxygen to your muscle cells, enhances vasodilation, and gives your blood flow a boost. This, in turn, provides you with extra energy and helps you in achieving your fitness goals. And did we tell you that this miracle ingredient can help you burn fat and lose extra weight?

With Fast&Up Activate, you can give your workout routine a huge boost! With lesser exertion, you get to perform your best. With the much-needed nutrition, you can prep your body well and make the most out of your workout. From Activate, you’ll get all the important nutrients that your body needs. Also, please note that this spectacular product is 100% vegetarian.

Here’s a list of advantages offered by Fast&Up Activate:

 Helps in increasing your blood flow
 Enhances your performance with increased stamina and energy
 Increases the availability of oxygen to your muscle cells
 A powerful pre-workout supplement made with 250 mg L-Carnitine, 1500 mg L-Arginine, and other effective ingredients to make sure that you’re ready for training

How to use Fast&Up Activate?

This pre-workout supplement is available as a tablet. Take a glass of water. All you need to do it drop it into the water, wait till it dissolves, and then have it, 30 minutes before you start your workout session. 250 ml of water is fine for 1 tablet.

Get your hands on Fast&Up Activate before it runs out of stock!

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