Carbohydrates– An Energy Currency, Carbohydrate Supplements For Instant Energy

Carbohydrates - An Energy Currency

An Energy CurrencyWhen it comes to Energy, the currency that your body understands is CARBOHYDRATES! WHY CARBOHYDRATES? During any sport or physical activity, our energy predominantly comes from carbohydrates and fats. Our Fats take a longer period of time to be broken down into usable energy form for our body, whereas Carbohydrates can be rapidly broken down into usable energy form which is quickly available to our body.runner-23740_960_720 CARBOHYDRATES are the most essential nutrient concerning any physical activity. They provide themselves as the main source of glucose which helps produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the building block of energy and also the energy currency. Our body even produces Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) by utilizing the food that we eat and avail our body with the usable energy it requires to be able to perform physical and mental activities. Basically, Carbohydrates supply muscles with the energy fuel and the availability of carbohydrates in the body has the ability to alter performance. They are the main source of fuel for our skeletal muscles?.people-1840436_960_720 Athletes need carbohydrates in order to maintain blood glucose levels for muscle energy. The glycogen stores in the muscles must be at adequate levels to provide the athlete with the energy he needs for his activity. Carbohydrates remains to be the most preferred source of fuel for energy as they rapidly break down to be available to the body. But here?s the sad part?.white-male-1720215_960_720 This energy currency keeps getting depleted as you keep ticking the miles. Unfortunately, the body is able to store only a limited amount of carbohydrates. As these currency of carbohydrates keeps getting depleted so you need to replenish them quickly before you be broke of this currency or before you hit the dreaded ?wall?. Here?s why this happens!runner-952526_960_720 As the carbs levels fall down, so does our energy. And when energy goes down, it becomes difficult for our body to maintain pace. Once carbs levels are depleted, the muscles are forced to use fat as a source of fuel for energy. While you might think that it would be okay even if carbohydrate stores are depleted as the body can use fats as an alternative source of energy, it?s really not the case. Our body finds it difficult to convert fat into energy which might mean that you?re going to have a tough time maintaining your running pace and energy requirements which sounds pretty unpleasant. Doesn?t it? But don?t you worry! Here?s the oh-so-happy part of the story?. (After bad news, comes the good news) To save you from having an unpleasant run, we have got a quick solution for you! YES, WE HAVE! ENERGY GELSrunning-156090_960_720 Energy Gels offer a concentrated source of energy thereby making it easier to replace lost or depleted energy reserves whilst training or racing. Energy Gels are typically based on Maltodextrin which helps directly provide glucose to your blood stream and help provide an easily absorbable form of carbohydrate. Maltodextrin is an easily digestible complex carbohydrate which is easy and quick on absorption and helps provide faster energy availability. This leads to a steady and continuous delivery of energy during periods of peak performance. (We know, we know?it?s all about performance goals at the end of the day) So, it sounds like energy gels are a complete savior, right?white-male-1720199_960_720 Yes, you are right! They are our new ENERGY SUPERHEROES, who are on a noble mission to provide the much needed Energy to the world!fax-1904642_960_720 P.S. To Conquer Miles with Smile, #YouNeedIt But amongst this plethora of Energy Gels (so called ENERGY SUPERHEROES) in the market, which one should you prefer and why? While understanding how important energy is for our body and how important role it is to have a quick and effective delivery system, make sure it is available to you in the most convenient form. While you are on your run or any physical activity, you don?t have time for any extra preparation like mixing of water to prepare the Energy Gel for consumption. You simply can?t wait. Hence, Prefer:
  • LiquiGel
  • An Energy Gel that is Ready-to-Use
  • Maximum Energy
  • With added Caffeine
  • Easy to Ingest, Light to Digest
  • Tasty
  • Convenient and Easy-To-Carry
  • Energy Gel which is Banned Substances Free
We have found something which completely matches with these requirements and preferences:ENERGIZE-PACKSHOT_350X350 BUT WHY FAST&UP ENERGY GEL?Emma-Stone-Screaming-This-is-the-Best-Ellen FAST&UP ENERGY GEL provides you with everything you need for that PERFORMANCE SURGE!ENERGIZE-EMAILER With the proprietary LiquiGel technology, Fast&Up Energy Gel is a unique combination of Maltodextrin and Caffeine in a compact and easily transported form to help deliver 25g of carbohydrates providing an instant energy boost of approximately 102 Kcal in a single serving gel sachet. Caffeine helps maintain alertness and focus while on your activity and helps stimulate your performance. Fast&Up Energy Gel helps ensure quick absorption for a power-packed and unmatched performance. Fast&Up Energy Gel is Ready-to-Consume and helps provide peak performance without any GI distress. This tasty on-the-go Fast&Up Energy Gel is 100% vegetarian and is convenient to carry during any sport and is easy to use. Just BITE-SQUEEZE-ACTION for a bullet-busting performance. No water or any kind of preparation is required. Now available in TASTY Strawberry-Banana flavor. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BREAK THE PERFORMANCE BARRIER
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