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Build Lean Muscle with Salmon Protein

Published : Dec 14, 2018 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024
Consuming sufficient high-quality proteins is essential for building muscles. Current recommendations for a sedentary individual are to consume a minimum of 0.8g protein for each kg of body weight. Evidence has also pointed out that as one gets more active our daily protein requirement also increases. Sufficient protein is needed to build muscles. Protein experts have stated that this is anywhere between 1.5-2.0g per kg of body weight.

The trophy surely goes to salmon when it comes to a great all-around food to build lean muscles. It is loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, the two key nutrients that are needed to build muscles. It is also loaded with healthy fats, packed with vitamins and minerals (including 50% of the daily vitamin B6, and 90% of the daily vitamin B12 needs). Salmon protein is hands down one of the best proteins that can be added to the diet. One of the most recognized roles of salmon protein is building lean muscle mass and repairing muscle tissues.

Salmon has a high protein content of around 39 grams per serving. Protein hydrolysates are basically complex mixtures of free amino acids and small peptide fragments that are mainly obtained by breaking down intact proteins that occur naturally. Protein hydrolysates may serve as an alternative to intact protein in dietary formulations that are used to maintain the nutritional needs of certain populations. For example, protein supplements containing protein hydrolysates, and infant and elderly food formulas that are geared towards those individuals who have food protein allergies or any other forms of dietary protein intolerances. In addition, protein hydrolysates containing supplements may be advantageous during states of malnutrition. It has also been recommended that in those with impaired intestinal function, such as during states of malnutrition, protein hydrolysates could improve nitrogen absorption. Furthermore, it has been reported that protein hydrolysates that are rich in di- and tri-peptides are more easily digested and absorbed than the intact native protein. Absorption of amino acids is also more proficient when it is ingested as protein hydrolysates as compared to its free form. This is due to the lower osmolarity of the protein hydrolysates.

Build Lean Muscle with Salmon Protein

FAST&UP PROTOTAL extracted from a fresh Norwegian Salmon consists of a superior spectrum of patented amino acid complexes, including 22 free-form amino acids, low molecular weight bioactive peptides, and essential micro-nutrients in the optimum ratio with fast absorption and highest bioavailability. Physical durability requires amino acid and short peptides to support muscle anabolism and metabolic recovery, FAST&UP PROTOTAL can increase lean muscle mass, increase energy, and decrease body fat and is also gentle on the digestive tract. It supplies all the essential and non-essential amino acids that are needed for muscle recovery supplements. The proprietary enzymatic production process using endogenous hydrolyzing agents mimics the digestive systems of organic life to give a unique product consisting of exclusively natural amino acids, short peptides, and micro-nutrients.

This coupled with the effervescent nature of the formulation makes FAST&UP PROTOTAL rapidly effective. The all-natural, marine-derived ingredient is a daily dietary supplement targeted for muscle anabolism and can be consumed to stay muscle-healthy. 

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