Top 4 Benefits of BCAA for Women -Fast&Up

Top 4 Benefits of BCAA for Women

Benefits of BCAA for Women - Fast&UP

BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids consists of three essential amino acids – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. They are the building blocks of protein. They play an important role in muscle building and repair.

BCAA’s are considered as essential because the human body doesn’t produce them as it does for other amino acids. Thus, you ought to get BCAA’s from your diet. The food sources, which have high BCAA content, include protein-rich foods like chickpeas, nuts, meat, fish and other dairy products. You may also get them from various BCAA Supplements available.

However, are these BCAAs’ essential for Women? Do they have any benefits to offer to women? All these questions arise as many women think that proteins and BCAA powders are not for them as they make them bulky but in contrast, BCAAs have many benefits to offer to women like –

1. Help Burn Fat & Develop Lean Muscles

Women who are aiming for fat loss should consume BCAA as BCAAs have carbs in lower quantity. This helps in weight loss, thus, supporting adequate weight management. Many studies have concluded that BCAAs help in development of lean mass muscle and fat loss especially in those women whose diet is calorie-deficient. 

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2. Helps Boost Metabolism

Women, whose metabolism process is slow, find it difficult to lose weight. However, by building lean muscles, you can improve your fat loss rate. This is because higher proportion of lean muscles in the body indicates higher metabolism rate. This occurs because the body will need more calories to maintain muscle mass than fat.

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3. Aids Appetite Management

Another benefit of BCAA for women includes that they help manage appetite that in turns helps lose weight. The role of leucine here is quite crucial to suppress your cravings. Leucine helps to increase mTOR levels in the body thereby giving a signal to the brain that the body’s nutritional needs are met and thus, your appetite is kept in check. 

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4. Help Improve Endurance & Strength

Women in India are multi-taskers. They have to manage both home chores and office work. This requires massive strength and energy. Women who face fatigue issues and get tired easily by doing only little work shall include such food sources, which are rich in BCAAs to ensure that they can work for longer hours without getting tired.

All women need supply of essential amino acids. When they don’t get enough of them from their diet, it leads to health issues like weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, etc. This makes supplementing with BCAAs’ a must for women to not only manage weight and muscle mass but also to look better and healthier.

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