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8 Inspirational, Strong and Fit Women You Must Follow

Published : Mar 08, 2018 4 mins read Updated On : Apr 04, 2024

Who Run The World? She is fierce. She is simple. She is crazy and she always has something to say. She has flaws. When she is down, she will get back right up! She is a beast in her own way but one word describes her best - Strong! Here are 8 such women who followed their dreams and passion without giving into societal norms emerging strong physically and mentally. Read on and get inspired to put on your running shoes right away! giphy (1)-iloveimg-compressed

Harj Hadani

www.skinnyroti.com Instagram Handle - @skinnyroti A true fitness inspiration and a certified sports nutritionist who believes that ?Women can have it all?. A gorgeous mother of two, Harj Hadani is the right pioneer of healthy living and the importance of a fit body. On her blog she also posts nutritional recipes and transformation tips!

Parul Sheth

www.therunningsoul.com Instagram Handle - @therunningsoul A Fast&Up athlete, she started running to gather her life back on track. A proud single mother, certified health and wellness plus a marathon training coach, Parul has run 7 full and 25 half marathons and her book ?The Running Soul? which is inspirational for every woman who wishes to achieve her dreams and set herself free.

Deepika Mehta

http://deepikamehta.in/ Instagram Handle - @deepikamehtayoga A Yogini from Mumbai, who has inspired thousands by battling her injuries when by resorting to yoga, when doctors told her she would never be able to walk again! A certified yoga trainer, she has featured on various TV shows, talk shows and currently teaches yoga, conducts workshops to help clients achieve their fitness goals through Yoga and healthy diets. Check her website for more information.

Ankita Gaur

http://thecookierunner.in/blog/ Instagram Handle - @thecookie_runner This lady started her own community for runners in Bangalore called Indiranagar Runners and inspired many individuals to be fit, active and get running. She is also a Fast&Up athlete, a coach and an Adidas captain and also writes about her experiences on her blog! Follow her for some inspiration that will make you throw away those excuses!

8 Inspirational, Strong and Fit Women You Must Follow

Sonali Swami

http://blogs.fitnesswithsonali.com/ Instagram Handle - @sonali_swami With an army background, Sonali is an international athlete, embedded with discipline and determination from a very young age. She started her journey as a professional dancer and went on to gaining professional fitness certifications and winning International and National bodybuilding competitions. She is deeply involved in weight training and believes in having a balanced healthy lifestyle. She offers consulting services; her website also has training videos that are very motivating and fun fact: Sonali swears by Fast&Up Reload, you could check it out here Sonali

Natasha Noel

https://soulfulhappiness.wordpress.com/ Instagram Handle - @natashanoel001 The perfect example and role model our generation needs today! Natasha, is a Mumbai based Yogini who practices and teaches dance yoga. Despite going through a rough childhood, she has learned to fight back, with a promise to love her own flaws and her body wholeheartedly and work towards it. Her Instagram account is full of posts about Yoga and how it was inspired and changed her life for the better. Her blogs include posts about her fighting insecurities and emerging strong, they?re worth a read. With a broad smile and cheerful attitude, she?s a true inspiration!

Anupriya Kapur

https://momontherun.in/ Instagram Handle - @anupriyakapur She discovered her passion for running in 2009 and decided to never look back since then. It has become her source for fitness, energy and positivity in her life, she has also participated in various runs and believes running is a recreation meant for everyone! Her blog extensively talks about her challenges as a parent, various nutritional recipes, stepping out of comfort zones and breaking stereotypes. It is inspirational for anyone who wants to get fit. Go ahead and give it a read!

Carolyn Theresa Simon

http://www.alittlebitofcaro.com/ Instagram Handle - @yogacaro A Yogini in progress from Bengaluru, Carolyn is a fitness enthusiast who believes in changing the world through yoga. With a vibrant personality, she also takes keen interest in eating clean and believes the concept of self-love. Her blog talks a little about everything in her life and her colorful Instagram feed with food recipes sure to inspire you to adapt into a healthier lifestyle. Do check out her blog and you?ll be surprised to know how easy healthy eating can be!

Aakriti Kundu

http://aakritikundu.com/blog/ Instagram Handle -? @aakritikundu A vegan yogini from Pune, she believes in loving your own body and feeling sexy in it! Being a Body Love coach, she is also into pole dancing and her blog features various articles about healthy lifestyle and eating habits. A great inspiration for every woman who feels under-confident or is apprehensive about their own self. Follow her! So ladies, it is never too late to start living a fit and healthy life. This Women?s Day, gift yourself some inspiration and get started. Cheers! We hope you liked the blog, share this with your girlfriends you-can-do-it

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