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This International Women’s Day, Follow These 6 Healthy Habits

Published : Mar 07, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Apr 04, 2024

In today’s life navigating through a busy life is a challenge to every woman. Today women have to play multiple roles in everyday life for which health becomes a priority. Staying healthy is important for every woman as it will affect her life going forward. Before thinking about everyone else a woman must think of herself first.

On this International Women’s Day let’s understand the need for women to stay healthy and active and how following some simple healthy habits would allow a woman to achieve their health goals.

Here are the 6 Healthy Habits:

  • Proper diet

Our diet plays a crucial role in a woman’s daily life. A healthy diet takes care of her nutritional requirements and allows a woman to take on different challenges during the day. A woman should consume a balanced diet rich in important nutrients and minerals, Protein powder for women often suffer from a deficiency of essential nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and calcium. A diet for a healthy woman should involve plenty of fiber. It is also important to have folic acid in daily nutrition.

  • Regular exercise

Following a daily exercise routine does wonders for your health. Every woman must take some time off during the day to exercise. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout but any form of physical activity can be helpful. It releases endoplasms in the body keeping stress under check and also decreasing the risk of diseases such as diabetes hypertension and cardiac diseases. Exercise also improves your quality of sleep. Running, Yoga, and Pilates are some of the helpful forms of exercise for women that do not require a lot of time or money.

  • Make healthy life choices

Self-care differs from person to person, but there are some healthy life choices that a woman can make that will keep her healthy. Smoking is one such habit; it causes an increase in oxidative stress in the body posing a risk for cancer such as lung ovarian and cervical cancers. Smoking also causes vasoconstriction decreasing blood oxygen supply to a cell of causing them to age faster. Women should also avoid eating a lot of junk food as it can cause some changes in the body which negatively impacts their health.

  • Limit your screen time

Spending too much time in front of a screen can affect a woman’s health, especially right before bed. It can seriously affect your quality of sleep, which is important for the repair and rejuvenation of your cells. It is also bad for your eye health.

  • Don’t take sleep lightly

Taking a 6-hour sleep is essential for a healthy life. Incomplete sleep can lead to irritability and moodiness. Sleep deprivation can also lead to apathy, slowed speech and flattened emotional responses, impaired memory, and an inability to multitask. A good night’s sleep recharges your batteries and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

  • Keep your immunity strong

It’s increasingly important to keep your immunity strong by getting the right nutrition and vitamins. Strong immunity will protect you from falling sick regularly. It will also boost your chances of fighting against all unknown bacteria and viruses.

As we discussed above a woman can improve her health by adopting these simple habits. If you want to achieve your true potential take the health resolution now and take your first step towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Soumil Vartak
Soumil Vartak
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