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5 Superpowers of Beetroots That You Should Know!

Published : Sep 25, 2017 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023


Beetroot is amongst one of the oldest vegetables known to mankind. Beets are a rich source of potent antioxidants, essential nutrients and nitrates. However, the potential of beetroot still remains to be explored. BEETS HAVE BEEN LIKE A HIDDEN TREASURE BOX (UNTIL NOW), FULL OF SURPRISES AWAITING IT?S MASTER TO UNLEASH IT?S MAGICAL SUPERPOWERS! Be the UNBEETABLE MASTER today! Beets have a wide array of magical superpowers and health benefits which can upgrade health and fitness to a whole new level (Master level). ? ? 1.A SECRET SUPERFOOD With it's luscious purple bringing in a splash of nutrients, Beetroot has definitely joined the rank of superfoods in today's nutritional jargon. Beetroot is loaded with many vitamins, minerals like Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber and many other beneficial nutrients like phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc. Beetroot is also a rich source of Betaine and Nitrate. ?The nutritional value of this superfood Beets have played a major role in everyday vitality. ? ?2.HIGH IN NATURAL NITRATES Many vegetables have nitrates but Beetroot has almost 12? more the nitrate content than other vegetable juices. Nitrates play an instrumental role to help maintain sustainable fitness. Nitrate is known as a potent vasodilator. Nitrate converts into nitrite and nitric oxide, which induces vasodilation, thereby decreases blood pressure and maximizes Oxygen consumption. This is how nitrates help in the body!Natural Nitrate

Nitrates have stirred a considerable interest in helping to treat a variety of diseases associated with poor vascular health. Supplements high in nitrate content has been linked to improved health and performance. Addition of nitrates in supplements is a jump-on the bandwagon industry. 3.CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH With the current global health problems, heart problems continue to remain at the top. It is very vital to maintain a healthy heart for an active lifestyle. Well, Beetroot is loaded with many essential active nutrients, beetroot is a rich source of nitrates and Potassium - vital for maintaining normal blood pressure. Nitrate converts into nitrite and Nitric Oxide (NO) which is a messenger for nitric is used by the endothelium to signal smooth muscle, triggering it to relax. Nitric Oxide (NO) helps relax blood vessels and helps in more efficient blood flow to help have a better blood pressure control. Vasodilation helps lower blood pressure and maximizes Oxygen consumption. Beetroot is indeed a natural and low cost approach for maintaining cardiovascular health for an active lifestyle. BEET FOR HEARTBEAT!

5 Superpowers of Beetroots That You Should Know!

Beetroot For Heart Beat 2


Beetroot supplementation has demonstrated positive physiological effects and it has been assumed that it can lead to increased athletic performance by supporting cardiovascular system. Beets are undeniably great for improving exercise performance and endurance. Again, the nitrate content is at the center of the benefit. Beetroot supplementation helps enhance levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) which helps in vasodilation and results in improved blood flow to working muscles. It also helps in maximum utilization of oxygen in endurance activity for enhancing athletic performance. This, thus helps reduce the energy cost of exercise and positively affects muscle contraction. Beetroot supplementation positively helps enhance athletic performance and promotes muscular endurance, strength, power and boosts stamina. Beetroot is also know to help have an improvement in training output and may result in improved competition performance. BEET FOR AN UNBEETABLE PERFORMANCE!Unbeetable Performance

? ?5. OVERALL WELL-BEINGOverall well being

Staying active on a regular basis is an important part of healthy lifestyle. Beetroot supplementation have a powerful effect on full-spectrum health and makes it an amazing way to ensure that a person stays healthy. People who complain about lack of energy to get through the struggling day might find beetroot helpful. It helps detoxify body, improve immunity, improve brain function, reduce bad cholesterol, help increase red blood cell production, help prevent anemia, help improve digestion, etc. The list on the health benefits of a superfood like Beet goes on and on, and on and on!!! Understanding the need for Beetroot supplementation, FAST&UP VITALIZE, INDIA?S FIRST EFFERVESCENT MULTIVITAMIN CONTAINS 7% NATURAL NITRATE RICH BEETROOT EXTRACT. Multivitamin drink vitalize 

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