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4 Nutrition Tips for Lesbians & Bisexual Women

Published : Jun 29, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Nutrition Tips for Lesbians & Bisexual Women - Fast&Up

Good health should always be a top priority and good nutrition plays a big role in achieving good health goals. We all are aware that nutrition requirement varies across all gender and lesbians and bisexual women too have certain different nutritional needs. Though a study conducted by the NCBI suggested that lesbians and bisexual women consume higher quality diet than heterosexual women, there are a few things that they should keep in mind to ensure that they stay healthy and active.

Let’s look at 4 Nutrition Tips for Lesbians & Bisexual Women –

1. Start Following a Good Diet at Young Age

The above-mentioned study concluded that young lesbians and bisexual women should aim to followed more healthy and nutritious diet. This will help to build good habits and superior health at a younger age. A nutrient-dense diet that covers all the requirements consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc. should be incorporated into life at an early age. If you find it difficult to include everything in your diet, take a multivitamin supplement daily.

2. Manage Body Weight

The same study concluded that bisexual women and lesbians are at a higher risk of experiencing obesity and weight-gain during adulthood. Thus, weight management should be given great importance. If you do not control weight, it acts as an invitation to various health complications later. Include protein rich foods like brown rice, paneer, tofu, etc. in your diet as protein is known to aid weight management.

Maintain Body Weight - Fast&Up

3. Take Magnesium for Good Mental Health

The people of India have gradually started accepting all genders as a part of Indian society but some hostile sections will require more time and education for the same. This creates an environment of stress. Taking magnesium supplements on a regular basis can be a good habit to follow, as magnesium is known to boost serotonin levels in the body which eventually helps to reduce stress and keep you happy and relaxed.

4. Build A Strong Immune System

Your body can resist many diseases if your immune system is strong. A diet that has a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, broccoli, bell pepper, amla, etc. can help build a strong immune system. Zinc too is a vital component of the immune system and is an essential mineral responsible for a healthy immune response in the body.

Following these nutrition tips will help all lesbians and bisexual women to ensure superior health. However, these nutrition tips should not be followed in isolation as one needs to follow an active lifestyle and adopt a holistic approach towards good health and well-being.

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Neel Visaria
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