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4 Foods to Avoid during Monsoon Season

Published : Aug 19, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023

It’s Monsoon Time in India and Rains have made their presence felt especially near the coastal areas of the country. All of us are aware that Health Risks are very high during the rainy season. This makes it very important for you to take care of your health and be cautious with what you do and especially what you eat. Food habits should be kept in control and one should as healthy diet as possible to save oneself from monsoon diseases like flu and cold.

4 Foods that are a Big No in Monsoons are –

4 Foods to Avoid during Monsoon Season

Oily Food
As soon as the rains start to fall, one tempts to sit relaxed at home, having a cup of hot masala tea in one hand and a hot pakoda in another hand and take the full pleasure of the climate. Though one likes such food, one should avoid eating oily food specially brought from outside to avoid falling sick.

Sea Food
During the monsoon season, fish are mostly swim in muddy and polluted water. When you eat food made of such fish, it leads to entry of bad and polluted elements into your body which can cause many diseases and even cause death.

Fruit Juices from Roadside Vendors

During monsoon season there is mess everywhere and the number of insects too seem to be more during this period. The fruit juice vendor mostly cuts and keeps the fruits well in advance and on such fruits, these insects sit and infect them which may cause various harms to your body.

4 Foods to Avoid during Monsoon Season

Leafy Veggies

Yes, you read it right. You should try to avoid leafy vegetables during the monsoon season. From childhood we are told that leafy veggies are great for health but during monsoon these are mainly attacked by germs and insects. One should take extra care while buying them to avoid any harm.

The one who avoids these foods items as mentioned above is less likely to fall ill and can maintain his health during the monsoon season. There is one more way in which one can strengthen his immunity to stay fit and healthy. For this one should use Fast&Up Charge.

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4 Foods to Avoid during Monsoon Season

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