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FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue
FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue
FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue
FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue
FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue
FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue

FastDry Women Tank Top- Directoire Blue

Comfortable activewear for women

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  • Directoire Blue
  • Hot Pink
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  • Veri Peri
  • Vibrant Orange


  • Made with quick dry technology
  • Super light, breathable fabric Anti microbial finish for no odour
  • Designed Ergonomically for comfort
  • Smart reflective tapes for workouts or performance in low lighting
  • Made with 100% polyester for 100% durability & 0 wrinkles 

Perform at your best with comfort that lasts longer than your game, without worrying about sweat problems. Fast&Up gears are made with a quick dry technology that absorb sweat from the fabric instantly leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the game. No more getting annoyed by the fabric sticking to your body. Gears that feel like a load and are itchy on the inside are quite irritating. But not with the Fast&Up gears. Made with a fabric so light it feels like a second skin. So, whenever you play your sport or workout, you perform with precision. Sweat odour amidst your performance can be a mood spoiler. But that's quite not the problem with Fast&Up gears. These tops are made with an anti-microbial finish that is your saviour that works towards eliminating sweat odour. Perform, play or workout for longer durations without the worry of sweat odour before it becomes a bummer. When you train for your fitness goals, your fit being comfortable is imperative. At Fast&Up we understand your need and bring you gears that are tailored in an ergonomic design, that's crafted for easy mobility, no matter how arduous your movement seems to be. Night matches or training out in lowlighting? Be visible all the time in the lowest of lightings, with reflective tapes on the sides and the shoulders that help people navigate your position. Pull up to your training field in style, in these neat tank tops. Our tops are made with 100% polyester that are completely wrinkle free, even after multiple washed and drying. These tops also rid you off of worries about deteriorating quality, the Fast&Up gears are made 100% durable that lasts long even after tedious daily usage.

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( 5.0)

Beta Alanine

Nice, superb, best product for pre-workout

By Kathleen
( 5.0)

Beta Alanine

I was not a fan of Beta alanine until I tried fast&Up Beta Alanine. It gives me 4g of Beta Alanine which is sufficient to improve my pre-workout performance

By Rachs Kindle
( 5.0)

Beta Alanine

I tried out Fast&Up Beta-Alanine pre-workout supplement and I must say, I was impressed.

By Kamila
( 5.0)

Beta Alanine

I took it about 30 minutes before my workout, and I must say, I was really impressed by the results.

By Johoogakker
( 5.0)

Beta Alanine

The muscle carnosine levels increased significantly, which helped me to achieve a better workout experience.

By Russ



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