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What is meant by Fast&Up Fitz?

Fast&Up Fitz is a high-quality gym wear designed to offer benefits such as comfort, functionality and style. Fast&Up Fitz is made with a unique fast-dry technology that instantly absorbs sweat from the fabric, leaving you dry and comfortable throughout your exercise. Fitz has anti-microbial fabric that helps you to eliminate sweat odour, giving you the confidence to work hard and long.

Fast&Up Fitz has reflective tapes allowing you to shine even in very low light. It is made with ultra-light material crafted for easy mobility, no matter how arduous your movement seems. Fast&Up Fitz is perfect for all types of sports activities. If you are someone who likes making a style statement with your gym wear, don’t worry Fast&Up Fitz is available in 5 attractive colours Hot pink, Veri peri, Teal blue, Vibrant orange and Directoire blue.

What are the products included in that

Fast&Up Fitz contains high-quality gym wear designed to enhance your workout experience. Fast&Up Fitz address all the different challenges you face during the workout. Fast&Up Fitz contains:

FAST&UP SWEATSHIRT WITH HOODIE – Fast&Up Sweatshirt is made from a cotton blend. It has long sleeves with ribbed cuffs and hem, which keeps you warm and comfortable. Fast&Up Sweatshirts are soft brushed on the inside.

• FAST DRY ACTIVE T-SHIRT - Fast&Up active T-shirts are made with 100% polyester, which is light and comfortable. Fast&Up t-shirts are also made with Anti-microbial fabric, which prevents odour. Its dry fit technology helps to absorb sweat helping you to improve your workout performance.

FAST&UP GVO SWEATSHIRT – Fast&Up GVO Sweatshirt is Sported by our Good Vibes Officer Varun Dhawan. It is made from 100% Cotton. It is soft and comfortable.

FAST&UP PERFORMANCE BOXERS – Fast&Up boxers are made with Bamboo Fibres, which are naturally anti-microbial and kill odour-producing bacteria. They also have moisture-wicking technology which removes sweat quicker allowing your body to stay fresh.

Fast&Up Sports BRA – Fast&Up sports bra is a sporty, durable, and extremely comfortable sports bra for women and is ideal for those intense workouts like cycling, running, weight training and power walking.

Choose Gym wear According to the Fabric

Choosing the right gym wear is a little bit more complicated than you think. It’s not about putting on what is good, it's about putting on what is right. Gym wear made with the right materials can improve your workout performance.

Polyester is considered one of the best fabrics for gym wear. You will find it in almost all our gym and sportswear. Polyester despite being light is a great insulator which helps in winter as well. Choose a fabric that is anti-microbial to prevent odour.

How to select gym wear for women?

An increasing number of women are joining the gym to improve their health and fitness. Women like wearing clothes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable for the workout. Gym wear should be breathable and flexible. They should be made with lightweight materials like polyester. Sweat is a big obstacle during the workout; choose gym wear with fast-absorbing material which absorbs sweat quickly.

Fast&Up offers high-quality T-shirts, tank tops and sports bras for women. Fast&Up gym wear for women is made with 100% polyester, Lightweight and medium wicking fabric, Dry fit technology and reflective tapes. It helps women with easy movement during the workout. Fast Dry technology helps to absorb sweat from the fabric instantly leaving women dry and comfortable throughout the workout.


1. What other gym wear items must you get for yourself?
Other gyms wear items that are a must if you are a regular gymgoer are
1. Comfortable Shoes
2. Gym Bag
3. Gym Vest
4. Towel
5. Gym Leggins

2. Why is gym wear so important?

Just like picking the right clothes for the office, you should also pick the right gym wear. Proper gym wear provides multiple benefits, such as comfort while working out, avoiding the risk of injuries and boosting your confidence. The right type of gym wear also helps to absorb sweat and regulate body temperature.

3. How often must you change your gym wear?

Well, there is no right answer to this. When the material starts to deteriorate and becomes less flexible. When gym wears is no longer flexible and comfortable. When gym wears no longer Fitz you and affects your workout movement. These are all signs that you should buy new gym wear.

4. Is it compulsory to wear a sports bra to the gym?

It is not compulsory but it is highly recommended to wear a sports bra to the gym. No matter what size breast you have, everyone experiences bouncing during physical activity or exercise. Wearing a sports bra while exercising or running is ideal.

5. What clothes are ideal for gym wear?

For working out in the gym, you should choose gym wear that is light, flexible and comfortable. Gym wear made with 100% polyester is ideal. Look for gym wear which is dry fit, made with anti-microbial and stretchable fabric.



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