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Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats
Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats

Instant Protein Masala Oats - Mast Masala Oats

Low Calorie - High Protein Masala Oats for Cholesterol Control & Healthy Heart.

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  • Protein packed Oats made tasty! Low-calorie Rolled Oats with 2.5X More Instant Protein which gets instantly prepared in just 3 minutes.
  • Each serving of Oats contains 10g of instant plant-based protein and 5g of dietary fiber along with Real Veggies, Crunchy Seeds (Chia, Pumpkin) and Tulsi
  • Our vegan Instant Protein Oats are packed with beta glucan, which helps to manage cholesterol and makes you & your heart happy.
  • Taste Approved by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Nutrition Assured by Fast&Up
  • With no Maltodextrin, Maida, Artificial preservatives and colours this lip-smacking tasty Instant Protein Oats is easy to consume and made with pure ingredients 

How To Use: 

Quick Oats ready in 3 minutes! Take 45g (½ cup approx.) into a pan. Add 180-200 ml of water & cook for ~3 mins on a medium flame. Stir occasionally & enjoy delicious oats

When To Use:

You can consume anytime during the day as a healthy breakfast or evening snack, it can be your go to healthy high protein snack. You can also consume before your workout or runs

Made with a perfect blend of health and taste, GoodEatz high-protein wholegrain oats contain 10g of Instant Protein and 5g of dietary fibre, real veggies, crunchy seeds & Tulsi. Taste Approved by Sanjeev Kapoor, GoodEatz Masala Oats offers a delightful experience with every bite. Oats is rich in Beta Glucan, a soluble fibre that helps in reducing blood sugar levels, and support weight management. These high-protein instant oats help provide a fulfilling snack option that keeps you energized throughout the day. Enjoy GoodEatz Masala Oats as a healthy fulfilling snack, making it instant, delicious & high in protein. With no maltodextrin, no Maida and no artificial colours and preservatives, it is easy to prepare, instant, convenient & great to taste, and it can be swapped out with your bland & unflavoured oats. With delicious and complete nutrition, it can be easily prepared in just 3 minutes and enjoy the delectable oats for your daily health & happiness. You can also integrate our oats into easy and fun recipes in a range of delectable dishes, such as Oat Chillas and cutlets, or simply enjoy them as a delectable bowl of bliss with toppings like crunchy seeds. Swap Junk for Goodness with GoodEatz Masala Oats - Your Healthy Choice Now! .

Nutritional Info (Approx Values):

per serving

Energy(kcal) 349.6 157.32 7.87%
Protein (g)
24.1 10.85 20.09%
Carbohydrate (g) 
44.5 20.03 *
Total Sugars (g)  
7.4 3.33 *
Added Sugar (g)
3.16 1.42 2.84%
Dietary fibre (g)
11.5 5.18 17.26%
Total Fat (g)
5.8 2.61 3.90%
Saturated fat (g)
1.04 0.49 2.23%
Trans fat (g)
0.00 0.00 0.00%
0.00 0.00 *
Sodium (mg) 
2188.3 984.74 49.24%
( 4.9)
Based on 7 Reviews
( 5.0)

Oat Mast Masala

My healthy snacking problem is sorted

By Nikitha Guptha
( 5.0)

Oat Mast Masala

Love the taste, goodeatz masala oats are so good.

By Karan Chopra
( 5.0)

Oat Mast Masala

What a great way to get 10g of protein. Really easy to make and taste great

By Keshava V
( 5.0)

Oat Mast Masala

I consume this almost everyday to fulfill my protein requirements

By Nisha Sharma
( 5.0)

Oat Mast Masala

It is a very nice product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a healthy snack option.

By Vivek Mittal

1. What Is Unique About GoodEatz Masala Oats?

GoodEatz Masala Oats are instant protein rich oats, available in a delicious mast masala flavour which is approved by the very famous Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. It is enriched with 2.5X more instant plant protein (10 g) as compared to traditional oats and 5 g of dietary fibre per serving. The eating experience is enhanced with real veggies, crunchy seeds & Tulsi which promotes overall well-being. Oats are ideal for weight loss as it is low in calories and help manage your cholesterol & heart problems better.

2. What Are Rolled Oats?

Rolled oats are steamed & flattened with huge rollers to form large flakes. GoodEatz Masala Oats contains wholegrain rolled oats and each serving of the product is high in nutrition & low in calories. You can consume it as a healthy breakfast and evening snack. You can also consume it after your runs or workout.

3. How Much Time Does It Take to Prepare GoodEatz Masala Oats?

It simply takes nearly 3 minutes to prepare the oats.

4. . Does GoodEatz Masala Oats Contain Refined Sugar?

It does not contain any refined sugar.

5. Is GoodEatz Masala Oats Vegan?

Yes, GoodEatz instant protein oats is completely plant-based & vegan. It is free from artificial flavours/colours and artificial preservatives. Additionally, it is also gluten free, soya free, and free of cholesterol & trans-fat.

6. What flavours are available?

The taste of the oats has been approved by the very famous Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Once tasted, it will never be forgotten and is sure to satisfy even the most dedicated foodies. GoodEatz wholegrain Oats is available in two flavours Mast Masala and Tomato Twist.

7. Is GoodEatz Masala Oats FSSAI Approved?

Yes, the product is FSSAI approved and safe to consume.  



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