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Bone & Joint Health Care Supplements:

Hey! Were you aware that the human skeleton accounts for roughly 14% of the weight of the average human male and 10% of the weight of the average human female?

Bones, when joined together, provide structure to our body. Improved bone strength can improve a person's quality of life and extend the number of years they can enjoy their current lifestyle. Fractures and breaks are more likely if your bones are weak. Hence, bone health is a very important issue.

Bones are connected with each other by joints. They become weak over a period of time. More and more people are complaining about the joint pain they face at the end of every day. Many people have to work on their feet all day which can impact their joint health.
Depletion of calcium over the years from the bones is the major reason many people face these issues. Keep in mind that your bone density will continue to rise until you reach your 30s. Your bone density is influenced by your eating habits.

In fact, you must properly maintain it by eating healthy foods on a daily basis. Spend some time each day working out to keep your bones and muscles strong.

Joint pain is a common health issue in adults. There could be many causes for the joint pain –

Injuries - When you are engaged in an accident that results in a serious injury or simply a solid hit on any of your bones, it might result in long-term pain in your bones or joints.

Arthritis – There are three types of arthritis that are responsible for joint pain Osteoarthritis which is most common, Rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. Arthritis makes the movement of joints more difficult.

Tendinitis - Tendinitis is a condition that results from the swelling of the muscles and tendons. It creates discomfort in the joints. People who suffer from this usually have poor body posture or are accustomed to overworking their muscles.

Calcium deficiency – Calcium deficiency can cause either by not taking enough calcium from the diet or depletion of calcium from the bones over a period of time. Calcium deficiency in bones and joints leads to a lack of mobility, pain, muscle spasm, and muscle cramps.

It is not tough to relieve joint pain. There are always ways and strategies to ease the pain to some level, no matter how unpleasant it is. There are many methods such as physical therapy, topical agents, regular exercise, and medication.

Many people believe that calcium is the only thing that can keep your bones healthy. There are other certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for bone and joint health. Let’s try and understand them.

Calcium – Our teeth and bones store around 99% of the calcium in our bodies. Calcium is the most important mineral for bone health as bones are made up of mostly calcium. Age, lack of activity, and bone-related disorders like osteoporosis are all factors that influence calcium intake and, as a result, bone density.

Dairy, soy, and dark, leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli are all good sources of calcium. It is vital to take a calcium supplement to prevent calcium depletion from the bones after a certain age.

Magnesium - Magnesium has been linked to improved bone health and is necessary for a variety of functions, including protein synthesis, neuron function, blood pressure, and blood sugar control. Nuts, seeds, whole grains, green vegetables, and legumes are all good sources of magnesium.

Vitamin D - The importance of vitamin D in bone health is well understood. The reason for this is that it aids the body's absorption of calcium. Although egg, salmon, and soy contain tiny levels of vitamin D, it is best absorbed by frequent sun exposure. In addition, vitamin D is added to a variety of foods.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12, which is generally connected with energy, may not be thought of as a critical component for bone health. Low levels of Vitamin B12 have been linked to osteoporosis in both men and women, according to studies.

Fast&Up understands the need for your bone and joint care. Our unique supplements are meant for improving bone and joint health. Fast&Up offers multiple supplements with calcium, vitamin D, and other ingredients that are clinically proven to improve your bone health.

Fast&Up Fortify:

Fast&Up Fortify is a unique product with a combination of Calcium, Vitamin D, and magnesium that supports bone health. It also helps in preventing bone loss. It fulfills calcium requirements for both men and women. Its Swiss premium technology and refreshing lime and lemon flavor make it a must-have calcium supplement for you.

Fast&Up Joint Care:

It contains clinically proven Rosehip to protect your joints. It also contributes to protecting cartilage and reduces joint pain, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness. Joint care helps manage and prevent symptoms of osteoarthritis to protect the joints of active people from damage and promotes enhanced joint comfort, mobility and flexibility. Our high-quality rosehip is imported from Germany.

Fast&Up Omega 3 Essentials:

It offers pure high-quality EPA and DHA in an ideal 3:2 ratio. Fast&Up Omega 3 essentials help in supporting heart health and regulating cholesterol levels in the body and improving psychological processes, including memory and reducing mood swings. Our product is Ultra distilled to provide high-quality omega 3 and is free from contaminants- Mercury-free, and is burp less with no fishy aftertaste which is available in chocolate flavor.

Fast&Up Promega:

Fast&Up Promega is formulated with high-quality 1250mg Omega-3 rich fish oil containing 375 mg of EPA and 250 mg of DHA in a 3:2 ratio. It is beneficial for various physiological processes such as important for your eyes, joints, brain, and heart. It aids in improving heart health along with maintaining joint flexibility.

The importance of proper joint care cannot be overplayed. To avoid major issues, it is, therefore, preferable to choose a specific lifestyle, eating habits, and medicines.

Fast&Up is a supplement line that helps people relieve joint and knee pain. We recognize that the majority of the population is affected by this ailment. With our products, we hope to assist people.


1. What vitamins should I take for weak bones and joints?

By consuming adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in your diet or through supplements, the chances of suffering from bone diseases like osteoporosis are reduced.

2. What Supplement do you take for your joint pain?

Fast&Up Joint care is the most recommended supplement that aids in joint pain. It is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are sourced from Germany. It's triple action formula helps reduce the risk of joint diseases, reduces the joint inflammation and enhances mobility. It is 100% vegan.

3. What foods and supplements will support joint health?

Foods that are rich in MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids) & PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty acids), calcium and vitamin D such as nuts and seeds, vegetables colorful fruits and sea foods. Fast&Up Joint Care should be incorporated with balanced diet to support joint health

 4. How do you maintain good bone health?

By proper nutrition and taking bone health supplements to fulfil the nutrition gap is one of the easiest way to maintain good bone health. Exercising daily or engaging yourself in some physical activities everyday helps you keep fit and increases muscle and bone strength.

5. How do we take care of our bones and joints naturally?

Here are three easiest ways to take care of your bones and joints naturally: 1)Eat plenty of calcium rich foods. 2) Be mindful of vitamin D. 3) Put some exercise into your everyday regimen.

6. name some bone diseases?

Some of the bone diseases are: 1) osteoporosis: In simple terms, it means porous bones. This disease weakens bones making them brittle and susceptible to break. The symptoms are not found until you have a bone fracture. 2) Osteogenesis: It is a genetic disorder that inhibits the body from building bones. 3) Rickets: This disease is more commonly seen in children when they have inadequate amount of vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D inhibits the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Symptoms include delayed growth, bow legs, etc




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