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Small steps you can take to say no to Tobacco

Published : May 22, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 27, 2022

31st May is celebrated worldwide as World No Tobacco Day. This initiative was taken by the World Health Organization to increase the awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and ways to quit it. Tobacco has various ill effects on the human body and leads to various diseases which can be very dangerous and cause death. A person can only save himself from such fatal diseases by quitting tobacco consumption.

Small steps you can take to say no to Tobacco

Tobacco Consumption leads to various diseases. It leads to tuberculosis, chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, growth and development issues in babies and other health issues. All these diseases and very dangerous and the best hack to get saved from all these is to quit smoking and stop chewing of tobacco. Once you take the bold step of quitting smoking you begin the journey towards a healthier and better you. Some ways to quit smoking are:

  • Make a Quit-it Plan

One needs to plan well to quit smoking. This makes it easier for the person to stay away from smoking. Planning helps the person to stay focused, confident and motivated to quit it. This will help him stay on the path and not get distracted and get re-addicted to smoking. Thinking of all the activities that can help to stop smoking can be a great help to a person.

  • Stay busy

Keeping oneself busy helps a person to not think about smoking and can help him quit smoking. Many people, when they are free and have nothing to do just smoke to pass their time which affects them badly. They should avoid this by staying busy by doing home chores, going for a walk, playing games with kids or friends or taking up an exercise. Focus on a healthy you and you can start your journey towards self-care. Plan your nutrition with Fast&Up and we can be a part of your transformation journey!

  • Stay away from Smoking Triggers

There are some people, places, things, activities, etc. that act as a trigger and make a person smoke. Those who have decided to quit smoking shall stay away from such triggers which increase their cravings for smoking. They must play outdoor sports, meet non-smoking people, drink lots of water, take appropriate rest and be safe and free for tobacco exposure.

Small steps you can take to say no to Tobacco

  • Running and Exercise

Daily exercise helps a person to quit smoking. The people who are engaged in exercising can reduce their cravings for smoking and keep themselves distracted from smoking. Running helps in quitting it. Running for a few minutes combined with exercise can help in a great way. However, one must take care to replenish the electrolytes lost while running to stay hydrated and increase stamina which will help live a smoke-free life.

  • Balanced Diet Plan

Having a well-balanced diet can help smoke quitters. Eating food which is highly nutritious help your body to get minerals, vitamins and other essential elements necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can help you to maintain healthy habits and eradicate all the bad habits including smoking. Health is real wealth for any person.

Small steps you can take to say no to Tobacco

To quit smoking is not an easy task but the person needs to stand on his stance of quitting it and giving himself the gift of a healthy and smoke-free life. This World No Tobacco Day will be the best time to start your journey towards a life which is smoke-free and healthier.

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