Protein Impact on Mood and Stress

Published : Jul 07, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    While we all know the common nuances that people have when they hear about Protein is that, it is only useful for those who are into intense activity, bodybuilding or athletes. However, it's the biggest myth people have. Protein plays a key role in daily health, mood, stress, anxiety, depression, regulation of neurotransmitters and many other key roles that determine daily and general wellbeing.

    Protein Supplements for Stress - Fast&Up 

    Everyone needs to understand that eating unhealthy food and irregular eating patterns can result in mood swings, blood sugar fluctuation and nutritional imbalance that result in the above-mentioned conditions.

    Here are a few examples of having an unhealthy eating pattern that results in change of mood and well-being.

    1. Skipping Breakfast: People usually skip breakfast that results in low blood sugar and ultimately leave you feeling weak and tired.
    2. Limiting Certain Food Groups: While there is a trend in having certain foods and unnecessary limitation of others, this results in deficiency of certain foods. One of the key nutrients is Protein, which 3 out of 4 Indians are deficient in. Which is quite alarming considering the situation we are in.
    3. Consuming Refined Carbohydrates: Having higher amounts of refined carbohydrates results in change of blood sugar and insulin and sudden change in blood sugar level that result in mood swings, irritation and low energy.

    How Protein Impacts Mood and Stress?

    Protein is a long chain polymer of amino acids, which implies amino acids are building blocks of proteins. There are 12 non-essential amino acids that the body manufactures from itself and 8 essential amino acids that we need to feed the body through diet. A high quality protein is the one that contains all amino acids. Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate helps to provide a complete amino acids profile with a well-researched blend of premium quality Pea + Brown Rice Protein Isolate. Protein intake results in affecting the mental health status of individuals. Neurotransmitters that regulate brain function are made of amino acids. Dopamine neurotransmitter is made up of amino acid tyrosine and neurotransmitter serotonin is made up of tryptophan. If there is a lack of amino acid, synthesis of neurotransmitter reduces those results in aggression, irritability, mood swing and stress. In short, stress relief requires the right amount of protein consumption daily. The recommended dosage of protein as per ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) is 1.0g/bd/kg/w. Plant Protein by Fast&Up helps to fulfill daily protein requirements

    More Protein Results in Low Sugar Intake

    When the focus shifts to having Protein - Rich food, the intake of sugar and sugary snacks reduces. High sugar intake results in numerous side effects on all systems of our body, both physically and mentally. The research has found a direct correlation between sugar and depression. Protein known as BDNF is the link, which controls growth, maintenance and differentiation of nerve cells in the brain.

    What sugar does is that it reduces BDNF, which is already low in people with depression. Increasing Protein intake results in cutting down sugar intake and reduces sweet tooth.

    Why Plant Protein by Fast&Up?

    While we all know that there are numerous protein powder brands available in the market, so what makes Fast&Up Plant Protein as compared to other Protein supplements brands:

    • Informed Sports Certified (Banned Substance Tested)
    • 30g High Quality Protein
    • Complete Amino Acid Profile
    • Added Vegan Coconut MCTs and Beetroot
    • Digestive Enzyme Pepzyme AG ™ for Ease of Digestion
    • Delicious Taste, Smooth Creamy Texture and No Added Sugar

    Bottom Line:

    Now, when we know the importance of Protein for Stress, it becomes important to fulfil daily Protein requirements. With numerous options available, making the right choice is important.

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