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Unleashing the Power of Protein: Fueling Athletic Excellence

Published : Jul 15, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 18, 2024

Protein is among the three important macronutrients required by our body along with carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are made up of amino acids which are the main components of our muscles. As an athlete, you will certainly be aware of the fact that protein supplements help to improve your performance but you may not be aware of how protein supplements benefit you. Let us look at 5 key benefits of protein to boost your athletic performance –

5 Key Benefits of Protein for Athletic Performance

1. Helps Build Lean Muscles

Protein being the building block of cells, helps to maintain your muscles and helps reduce muscle wasting. Eating adequate protein ensures that even if you walk a lot, cycle, swim, or perform intense training exercises, your body gets what it needs immediately and this helps to build lean muscles. Those who want to build more muscles should increase their protein intake or opt for high-protein supplements.

2. Helps Boost Metabolism

Proteins help to boost the metabolism for a temporary duration. When you feed your body with more protein, the thermic effect of protein which is higher than other foods helps your body to digest food fast thereby boosting your metabolism. Thus, replacing your carbs and fats with proteins can be a better option for losing body weight or growing strong muscles. 

5 Key Benefits of Protein for Athletic Performance

3. Aids Muscle Recovery & Growth

When you perform high-intensity exercises and follow a protein-rich diet, it helps in muscle growth and strength. This is because it helps to prevent muscle breakdown. Protein shakes made with the help of high-quality protein supplements are an easy way to consume protein especially when you are caught up with work. These supplements have BCAAs present in them that play an important role in muscle recovery and growth after your intense workout activity.

4. Helps You Stay Full for Longer

Protein helps you to feel full for a longer period. This is because protein promotes satiety (the feeling of fullness) which you may feel when you are protein deficient. This helps those athletes who stay on the ground for a long duration to play their sport and need to be actively involved in the game throughout. This also aids weight management as protein helps control appetite and hunger levels.

5. Aids Quick Injury Repair

Since protein is the building block of tissues and organs, those who consume protein daily may recover quicker after any injury. Also, one must note that protein does no harm to your kidney and if you have heard about protein damaging your kidney, it is only a myth. So you must consume a protein-rich diet to ensure your muscles rebuild stronger than they were.

Protein Aids Quick Injury Repair - Fast&Up

These are a few benefits that athletes can enjoy by following a high-protein diet. An average person shall consume 1gm of protein per kg of body weight but if you are an athlete looking to build muscle and strength, you should aim for higher which can be around 2gm of protein per kg of body weight. Protein supplements that are of high quality can help you achieve your goals.

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