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Impact of Firecrackers on Respiratory Health

Published : Nov 13, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Dec 27, 2022

Diwali – The Festival of Lights and Happiness is here. It is that time of the year when people forget all their worries, and work pressure and eat a lot of sweets and enjoy life to the fullest. While all of us celebrate the victory of good over evil, there comes something harmful with these celebrations – The Firecrackers. These firecrackers not only cause air pollution, there also have a direct bearing on your lung and respiratory health. 

Impact of Firecrackers on Respiratory Health - Fast&Up

What happens in the air when firecrackers are busted?

Firecrackers when busted in the air are adorable to watch but what is not adorable is the potential threat to health and safety. When busted in the air, firecrackers lead to the accumulation of dust particles and air pollutants. These particles then get settled on the surrounding surfaces which are loaded with various harmful chemicals and pollutants like nitrogen and Sulphur. This not only possesses a threat to the environment, it severely affects your lungs and respiratory system too.

What health risks are associated with busting firecrackers?

The smoke generated from the busting of crackers has a direct impact on your respiratory tract. It causes congestion in the throat and chest. It also worsens the condition of those who are already suffering from colds and allergies. When you get exposed to the pollutants, it may cause eyes, nose, throat, lung, and other respiratory problems. This increases the risk of various respiratory diseases including lung cancer, COPD, etc. Your lungs are severely damaged due to continuous exposure and take a lot of hard work and time to recover. 

Crackers cause eyes, nose, throat, lung Problems - Fast&Up

Will the ban on firecrackers act as a relief?

The simple answer to this question is – NO. With most state governments imposing a ban on the busting of firecrackers, one has to consider that the ban is only a partial ban. Here, people have been asked to follow certain rules like timings, places, etc. while bursting crackers. The crackers busted will still possess a threat to your health and only protecting and taking care of your respiratory system is the way out of it.

How do you Protect your Lungs from this danger?

One may think that staying indoors and avoiding contact with the outside air is the solution. However, it is not true. Yes, avoiding exposure can help but neither can you control air tread nor the air that you breathe. The smoke and air pollutants will find a way to reach you and damage your health. The only way to fight is to live an active lifestyle supported by the right nutrition. The right nutrition can help you reduce the impact of these crackers and keep your lungs and respiratory system healthy.

Impact of Firecrackers on Respiratory Health

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