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How N-Acetylcysteine Helpful For Football Players

Published : Dec 24, 2020 1 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Football is a sport where a player has to be on his toes for entire duration of 90 minutes. It involves constant running and execution of other skills on the field. This constant running requires higher amount of energy levels to keep up with the pace of the game. Yes, hydration supplements are always beneficial but a football player can also benefit from having large lung capacity to obtain enough oxygen to generate enough energy which will help him/ her excel in the game. It will enable him/ her to give the best to help his/her team win.

N-Acetylcysteine Supplements for Footballers - Fast&Up

Why Lung Capacity is Important for Footballers?

Lung capacity is total amount of air your lungs can hold. The greater the lung capacity, the more is the oxygen supplied. Thus, for a footballer it is important to increase one’s lung capacity to perform better. Increased Lung Capacity helps a player to recover between plays like offensive and defensive play. This can be especially useful to help get the muscles relaxed after play and hard tackles. Ultimately, in football where sprints are really important, you can get an edge over your competitor with increased lung capacity.

N-Acetylcysteine Supplements Help to Improve Lung Capacity for Footballers - Fast&Up

How can NAC help Footballers?

Most football players take supplements for muscle growth and recovery, hydration etc. However, not many are aware that N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) Supplements are actually beneficial for their performance. Firstly, NAC being a powerful antioxidant helps to breakdown excess mucus and expel it from your lungs thereby helping you to have clean lungs and enjoy clean breathing and increased lung capacity. Also, NAC is powerful ingredient to help you to keep yourself safe from other environmental harms which helps to stay fit and running. This can be particularly helpful for those players who are at a higher risk of falling ill, who have weak immunity or suffer from any kind of lung illness.

Why choose Fast&Up N-Acetyl Supplements?

Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine Supplements help to reduce inflammation and by breaking down thick mucus. This helps in clearing clogged airway passage and remove congestion. Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine is a proven lung protector with its clinically proven ingredients – NAC and Vitamin C which help inhibit over-production and accumulation of thick mucus by thinning mucus and expelling it from the respiratory tract. This contributes to increasing lung capacity. All these factors make it a must-have choice for Footballers.

N-Acetylcysteine Supplements for Football Players- Fast&Up

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