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How does Glutamine helps in body building

Studies have shown that Glutamine helps to reduce muscle breakdown, improve protein synthesis and promote muscle recovery.
Glutamine is the most common amino acid present in the muscle. Skeletal muscle alone consist of around 61% Glutamine. It supplies 30 – 35 % of Nitrogen to muscle for muscle protein synthesis.

During Exercise or any other physical activity Glutamine levels are depleted in your body, which ultimately decreases energy, stamina, strength and recovery. Studies have shown that it may take up to 6 days for Glutamine levels to come up. Supplementation with Glutamine helps to minimize muscle breakdown and improve protein metabolism.

How Glutamine helps?

Glutamine acts as a donor and donates carbon and nitrogen. It helps to restore energy levels by restoring glycogen level in the body. Its helps in protein synthesis by preventing muscle from being broken down for glutamine in the body.

So how Glutamine help in body building?

- Maintains hydration levels in the body and speed up wound healing and recovery
- Helps replenish declining glutamine levels in the body
- Faster muscle protein synthesis
- Helps to boosts immunity (Fuel cells of immune cells)
- Ability to aid gut health

Glutamine – Muscle growth

Glutamine is most significant amino acid when it comes to bodybuilders. It provides a component in muscle metabolism that no other amino acid is able to provide. Glutamine assists in muscle protein synthesis.

During intense workout or any other physical activity, Glutamine levels are extremely depleted that result in muscle wasting or muscle injuries. Glutamine helps to replenish amino acid in the body. This helps to reduce tiredness and slowes down recovery process.
Supplementation with Glutamine helps to enhance recovery process and strengthen muscle by limiting muscle wastage.

Glutamine and Repair

Glutamine is used by injured muscles to repair them. People into bodybuilding involve large number of micro tears in muscle which then repair and grow. When this muscle are in growing phase they utilize Glutamine to build new fibers that provides them muscle strength and bulk.

When there is not enough Glutamine reservoir in the blood stream to repair injured muscle, the body shifts Glutamine from the white blood cells to injured muscle. This is one of the reason why body builders and athletes have frequent episode of colds and flu.

Glutamine and Endurance Performance

When one is into extreme body building, one has to maintain good balance between Glutamine depletion and its uptake. In case of negative balance there is higher susceptibility of muscle weakness, injuries, breakdown, muscle wasting and slow recovery with hindered muscle protein synthesis and weak immunity.

How much Glutamine do you need?

Usually people into body building and endurance activity can consume up to 10 -1 5 g Glutamine in 2 -3 serving per day. One should also ensure that one may be having glutamine through their diet as well.

We personally recommend 1 – 2 scoop of Fast&Up Glutamine with 250 ml water or with healthy beverage post workout.

Supplementing with Fast&Up Glutamine

Fast&Up Glutamine with ultra- granulation technology provides micro ionized powder that offer faster nutrient absorption as compared to other powders. Each 5g scoop of Fast&Up Glutamine is 100% pure, unflavoured and unadulterated. There is no added sugar or additives as well.

How does Glutamine helps in body building

Bottom Line

When it comes to body building there are many aspect people try and cover, but one important aspect the miss out is recovery. Glutamine helps to ensure enhances muscle recovery and repair and readies you for your next workout session.

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