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How does Glutamine helps in body building

Published : Aug 17, 2020 6 mins read Updated On : Dec 27, 2022

When someone enters the gym with the intention of building a strong and ripped body, they have to remember that bodybuilding is a science and can’t be achieved with any random approach. If someone takes a random approach no matter how many reps they do or how much heavy weight they lift it will not have any significant impact on muscle gain. It may even increase the risk of injuries.

How does Glutamine helps in body building

A person with a pre-planned program in which exercises, intensity, and volume are intelligently manipulated over time can see significant results without any risk of injuries. Bodybuilding is much more than aesthetics; it provides a strong structure to your body. Strong muscles help to improve balance, prevent injuries, prevent weight gain, and protect bone health. Apart from a good pre-planned workout program, another important aspect of bodybuilding is nutrition.

Consuming the right types of food in the right quantity is critical to gaining muscle. Protein is the most important nutrient for the body. It is a source of amino acids which are essential for muscle building. One of the key amino acids is Glutamine. Let’s find out how it helps in bodybuilding.


• Introduction to Glutamine
• Sources of Glutamine
• How much Glutamine to consume
• Right time to consume Glutamine
• L-Glutamine benefits bodybuilding
• Other benefits of Glutamine
• Conclusion

What is L-Glutamine?

Before understanding the benefits of glutamine let us understand what Glutamine is. L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid present in the muscle. Skeletal muscle alone consists of around 61% Glutamine. It supplies 30 – 35 % of Nitrogen to muscle for muscle protein synthesis.

Multiple studies have suggested that Glutamine helps to reduce muscle breakdown, improve protein synthesis and promote muscle recovery. Protein synthesis is one of the main functions of glutamine. Proteins are essential for the body as they protect and support vital organs in the body. They also transport substances in the blood to assist in repairing muscles and even curb harmful viruses.

Sources of Glutamine:

Glutamine is classified as an essential amino acid which means that it cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from a regular diet. Food sources like chicken, fish, beef, dairy products, spinach, cabbage, carrots, wheat, kale, Misco, parsley, and beets are excellent sources of glutamine.

People who are into bodybuilding may need to take additional supplements as they may not receive the necessary quantity only through diet.

How Much Glutamine Do You Need?

Due to an intense workout, the body starts losing its glutamine level. This results in a decrease in strength and stamina and also prolongs the recovery time. Consuming glutamine supplements ensures that the body gets enough supply of glycogen.

People who are into bodybuilding and athletics can consume up to 10 -15 g of Glutamine in 2 -3 servings per day. One should also ensure that one may be having glutamine through their diet as well.

What is the right time to consume Glutamine?

There are different opinions regarding the right time to consume glutamine. If someone is consuming glutamine supplements for bodybuilding then the best time to consume is post-workout. Glutamine bodybuilding supplement consumed within 30 min of workout gets absorbed efficiently and helps to build muscle.

After an intense workout or training, session muscle gets broken down. The body needs amino acids to rebuild muscles, if you consume the glutamine supplement post workout it gets absorbed quickly in the body. Glutamine is ideal for post-workout because of its ability to repair muscle.

After a strenuous workout, absorbing glutamine improves muscle protein synthesis. Workouts cause a lot of tiny rips in the muscle fibers. By repairing the injured muscles and halting additional muscle damage, glutamine benefits bodybuilding.

The body recovers faster after taking glutamine post-workout which reduces the recovery time. This prepares the body for other workout sessions or athletic competitions. L-Glutamine bodybuilding helps to absorb salt and water into your muscle cells, causing faster protein synthesis.

How Does Glutamine Benefit in Bodybuilding?

Glutamine for bodybuilding is the most preferred supplement. People often discuss the benefits of glutamine in the gym. Let's try and understand the benefits of glutamine in bodybuilding.

Glutamine for Muscle Growth - glutamine is the most significant amino acid for muscle building. It has a unique component that no other amino acids have which helps in muscle building. Glutamine is vital for protein synthesis which helps to build muscle.

During heavy bodybuilding exercises, glutamine levels in the body get depleted. Due to this, the risk of muscle injury increases significantly. Consuming glutamine supplements post-workout helps to replenish the glutamine level in the body. This helps to reduce tiredness and slows down the recovery process.

Glutamine for Muscle Repair – the body uses glutamine to repair injured muscles during the workout. Bodybuilders suffer large numbers of wear and tear in the muscle due to their heavy workout which gets repaired and grows. Muscles utilize glutamine as they grow in phases to build new fibers that provide them muscle strength and bulk.

Lack of glutamine in the bloodstream stream causes the body to use glutamine from the white blood cells to repair the muscles. This increases the risk of falling sick often. Hence an adequate amount of glutamine consumption is necessary. L- Glutamine also helps in muscle recovery.

Glutamine for Endurance – people who are into extreme bodybuilding have to maintain a certain amount of balance between glutamine depletion and its uptake. A negative balance of glutamine is bad for the body as it results in muscle weakness, injuries, breakdown, muscle wasting, and slow recovery with hindered muscle protein synthesis and weak immunity.

How does Glutamine helps in body building

Other Benefits of Glutamine:

Glutamine Helps to Replenish Its Depleted Level – In case of stress, illness, and injury glutamine level in the body goes down. This forces the body to use glutamine from the muscles to fill the gap. This leads to a lack of amino acids in the body which leads to a weak immune system. Consuming glutamine supplements helps to balance the depleted levels of glutamine.

Glutamine Boosts Immune System – one of the lesser-known benefits of glutamine is that it helps to boost the immune system. Glutamine is a significant source of energy for white blood cells, other immune cells, and intestinal cells. Cells need protein for optimal function. Glutamine helps in protein synthesis which allows immune cells to fight against illness.

Glutamine for Hydration - one of the most underappreciated benefits of glutamine is its role in hydration. Hydration is very important for muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

Dehydration affects protein synthesis and leads to a delay in muscle recovery in your body. L-glutamine helps to improve sodium uptake. This increase in sodium level in skeletal muscle reduces fatigue by maintaining the strength and efficiency of muscle.

Glutamine for Intestinal Health – the immune-boosting property of glutamine also helps to improve intestinal health. Glutamine provides energy to intestinal cells and prevents leaky gut problems.

Glutamine supplementation helps in improving strength, muscle mass, and the immune system. It helps to improve Performance will be improved and postpone weariness. Glutamine is vital in the battle against disease and is required for the maintenance of muscle tissue during physical stress and severe exercise.

From the viewpoint of athletes, glutamine serves as an anabolic substance that permits the body to burn fat rather than muscle. Glutamate is therefore essential if you want to gain muscle.


Jackson Aro is a certified level 2 animal flow instructor. He is also a certified personal fitness trainer And IFAA nutrition coach. He has extensive experience in the fitness industry and always provides accurate information about bodybuilding.

How does Glutamine helps in body building

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