L-Glutamine Benefits, Side effects, Uses & Dosage

Published : Mar 26, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    As one of the most neglected supplements, the benefits of L-Glutamine may be a mystery to you, but trust us; this underrated amino acid offers many advantages.
    It is known to relieve excess bloating; L-glutamine could help you banish that post-cheat day bloat. It helps in muscle recovery and it also supports your immune system, as well as your gastrointestinal health.
    Intrigued yet? Let’s start from scratch. This article tells you everything you should know about L-Glutamine and its effects on body. So read on

    What  is L-Glutamine?

    L-glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the blood and in muscle cells. It is classified as an essential amino acid. Amino acids are molecules that play many roles in the body. Their main purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins. Proteins are crucial to the organs. They also serve other functions, such as transporting substances in the blood and fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria. Like many other amino acids, it exists in two different forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine. They are almost identical but have a slightly different molecular arrangement. The form found in foods and supplements is L-glutamine. While L-glutamine is used to make proteins and perform other functions, D-glutamine appears to be relatively unimportant in living organisms.

    L-glutamine can be produced naturally in your body. But under certain conditions, additional glutamine may be required. For example, athletes and individuals who work out. During intense exercise, glutamine levels deplete, which means there is an increase in requirements. Since the body is in need, it is necessary to supplement with glutamine to help meet the body's demands.

    Fast&Up Glutamine is an instant muscle recovery glutamine supplement which helps you in instant muscle recovery, help in improving your game and exercise performance. It helps prevent injuries. It also helps prevent dehydration causing fatigue.
    The Effect of L-Glutamine Supplements on Muscle Strength Recovery and Soreness

    Benefits of L-Glutamine:

    Glutamine has several functions including the support of immunity, gastrointestinal integrity, insulin secretion, neurological activity, and muscle protein synthesis. It actually supplies 30-35% of nitrogen to muscle to synthesize proteins. This, in turn, will promote protein synthesis. Glutamine helps in overall muscle recovery post activity. It helps decrease muscle soreness through improved muscle repair and glycogen repletion! Maintaining a high nitrogen balance in the muscle prevents muscle breakdown, therefore retaining more muscle.

    L-glutamine has the ability to draw water and salt into the muscle cells. Protein synthesis happens faster when muscle cells are hydrated, enlarged and swollen. This would mean that glutamine stimulates an increase in cell volume as well as muscle protein synthesis. It helps in faster muscle recovery, preventing injuries and reducing muscle fatigue.

    Glutamine possesses anabolic, as well as immune stimulatory effects, meaning it can help your immune system function properly and even give it a nice boost when needed. In some studies, the supplementation of glutamine has been shown to stimulate the immune system and reduce the incidence of illness following prolonged endurance exercise.

    Glutamine’s immune system benefits are related to its role in intestinal health. In the human body, the intestines are considered the largest portion of the immune system. This is because of the many intestinal cells with immune functions, as well as the trillions of bacteria that live in your intestines and impact your immune health. Glutamine is an important energy source for intestinal and immune cells. It also helps maintain the barrier between the inside of your intestines and the rest of your body, thereby protecting against a leaky gut. This prevents harmful bacteria or toxins from moving from your intestines into the rest of your body. Additionally, it is important for the normal growth and maintenance of the cells in the intestine. Due to the major role of the intestines in the immune system, glutamine may benefit your overall abdominal health by supporting the intestinal cells.

    Effects on Muscle Strength Recovery and Soreness

    Now, one of the main reasons glutamine is sought after is for its repair purposes. It can actually decrease muscle soreness through improved muscle repair and glycogen repletion! The biggest benefit with glutamine is its ability to restore/repair the digestive zone. Studies show that glutamine supplementation supports the health and integrity of the intestinal lining. When people suffer with IBS, Celiac disease, or other digestive issues, the prescription involves glutamine in the protocol to help heal the intestinal lining and reduce the symptoms such as bloating. With the bio-availability of free glutamine considerably higher than that of glutamine peptides, most research is conducted with the free L-glutamine form supporting this form as the preferred use.

    How much L-Glutamine can be consumed?

    An effective dosage would be around 5-10g per day. You may go up to around 20-30g, depending on whether or not there are digestive issues and the fitness goals. You can easily add L-glutamine into your shakes or simply in the water and have it post workout.

    Why Fast&Up Glutamine?

    An intense resistance training workout results in the depletion of a significant proportion of stored fuels (amino acids) as well as causing damage to muscle fibers. We now know that amino acids are known to have a positive effect with respect to post-exercise muscular adaptations. Several researchers have made reference to an anabolic “window of opportunity” whereby a limited time exists after training to optimize training-related muscular adaptations. This nutrient timing is a popular nutritional strategy that involves the consumption of combinations of nutrients in and around a training session. And so, it is more beneficial if it is taken immediately within 30mins of your workout. During this time the body experiences a heightened ability to respond to certain nutrients which significantly regulate nutrient transporters that take nutrients to the muscles, boost metabolism and alter metabolic pathways to focus primarily on those muscles and tissues that were recently trained.

    Fast&Up Glutamine helps in faster recovery of the muscles and in preventing the injuries or any such conditions. It is the best Glutamine supplement out there and is useful for anybody above 8 years of age who wants to recover from the physical activity and gain back the lost amino acids. It does not contain any added sugar making it diabetic-friendly. Plus, it does not have any side effects. In fact it’s easy to use, easy on stomach and works very effectively in recovery of the muscles from the workout or any activity. You can dissolve one scoop in 250 ml of water, shake it well and Wait till it dissolves completely and drink it post-workout.
    The Effect of L-Glutamine Supplements on Muscle Strength Recovery and Soreness

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