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Published : Aug 04, 2017 4 mins read Updated On : Sep 14, 2023


Common cold is the most common disease faced by every average human-being in some other stage of his life span. Common cold is the most frequent word you get to hear during the monsoon season. You can also call it the ?cold season? (pun intended). Let me scare you a little, It?s MONSOON already and the very famous ?common cold monster? is already hunting for you! (Happy Realization!) So, Can you hide or escape from this common cold monster? Uuhmm, Not really! Can you help prevent it? Hell Yeah! under_the_weather

Curious to know how do you help prevent common cold? Here's it! The best way to help prevent yourself from falling prey to this common cold monster is through VITAMIN C supplementation. WHY VITAMIN C? Since ages, Vitamin C is considered to be the most famous preventive measure to help prevent common cold. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant. As a water-soluble vitamin, daily replenishment is very essential as they are not stored in the body for a long time. Vitamin C is the most supreme antioxidant of all the antioxidant vitamins. As an antioxidant, it helps scavenge free radicals and breaks the chain of the demons robbing electrons and damaging healthy cells to stabilize themselves. When the body has cold or any other sickness, the body's immunity is compromised and is under stress as the body is struggling to fight the demons (pathogens) inside trying to attack the body and degrade its health and happiness. Vitamin C seems to be the Super Hero here and is the ultimate savior for your body. It fights against all these demons, wins over them and blesses your body with health and happiness. Should you be mean to these superhero and not supply your body with this daily blessing of health? Not really, right? Vitamin C has diverse effects on the immune system. Vitamin C is a boon for your immunity and you must provide your body with this nectar everyday to help prevent yourself from common cold and any such viral attacks causing diseases to your body. Be the Hero your body wants you to be! Vitamin C serves as a key immune system nutrient. The nutrient with so many duties like potent free-radical scavenger, collagen formation, boosting immune system, helping prevent common cold is considered to be mighty!


Running nose, non-stop sneezing, mild fever!!! You know the drill. Don't you? Vitamin C seems to have the modest prevention superpower against common cold. It is often touted as a natural cold remedy. It is also believed that Vitamin C has appeared to cut the chances of falling in trap to common cold to half (Wow!).Vitamin C may also help shorten the duration of cold symptoms. Common cold symptoms are basically runny/stuffy and/or sneezing and/or stuffed nose, sore throat and cough. There is sufficient proof of the good effects of Vitamin C for common cold. Those supplemented with 1000 mg of Vitamin C everyday has shown to have decreased chances of being down with common cold.


The mechanism of effectiveness against viral infection such as common cold is hypothesis to be effectiveness of ascorbic acid in providing protection against viral diseases results from its function in the synthesis and activity of interferon in preventing the entry of virus particles into the cells. It is a protein that is produced by cells infected by a virus and that has the property of spreading to neighboring cells and changing them in such a way as to enable them to resist infection. In this way the interferon ameliorates the disease. Vitamin C is clearly a wonder-worker. SHOULD YOU TAKE VITAMIN C EVERYDAY OR OCCASSIONALLY? Well, Do you want to prevent common cold everyday or you are fine to be down with cold on few special days? I heard a NO (:p). You do have major chances of catching cold during monsoon season, but you must also take care of yourself not catching cold throughout the year. You must supplement yourself with Vitamin C everyday to help boost your immune system on a daily basis and stay cold-free everyday. It's an EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL. WHICH VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT SHOULD I HAVE? FAST&UP CHARGE ?



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FAST&UP CHARGE is a Vitamin C supplement with 1000 mg Vitamin C. It is an antioxidant supplement. It helps strengthen immune system and helps prevent viral infections and diseases like common cold. Common cold is the most faced issue by any average individual especially during monsoon. Common cold can be faced by anyone even with a slight decrease in immunity. Take Charge against viral infections/diseases. Maintain immunity everyday. Fast&Up Charge takes this responsibility for you and helps you have a healthy and cold free monsoon. Incorporate Fast&Up Charge in your everyday to slowly and steadily guard yourself against the common cold monster! FAST&UP CHARGE IS AN EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL. #MonsoonTip: To help prevent common cold any day, Take Fast&Up Charge EVERYDAY ?To Take #ChargeAgainstViral.

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