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Why effervescent tablets?

An effervescent tablet is a Water and Fizz game, which will give you positive results, how? Because Fizzy is the new healthy!

Effervescent tablets offer many interesting and unique advantages and are much safer than normal tablets. Multivitamins, Energy drink, Hydration fuel are everyday essentials, might as well why not intake them in the safest and healthy way if we can.

Conventional Multivitamins like normal tablets are low in absorption and bioavailability, and we all know excessive intake of tablets are not good for the long run. They act as if they are feeding us with good health but it’s not true neither do they taste good. Where in effervescent tablets serves with healthy fizz. 

Effervescent tablet in water

Benefits of the effervescent tablet:

·         Exciting taste: Effervescent tablet release fizz once dropped in water and effervescent tablets are available in different refreshing flavors which is very appetizing.

The chemistry between the fizz and the flavor is very exciting. Imagine the outcome of fizz and flavor coming together and all together serving you with an exciting taste and health both at the same time.


·         Easy to Digest: Effervescent tablets are easy to digest because they are water soluble in nature, the tablet dissolves in the water itself that is before you consume, wherein other tablets digest after consumption and in many cases you may face many gastrointestinal issues or may create other digestion issues.

Effervescent fizz tablet in water

·         Liquid intake shoots up: It’s a fact that we drink more when the water tastes good, the effervescent tablet contains flavors and fizz which makes water taste pleasant so we tend to drink more, which inevitably shoots up the liquid intake and maintain the balance of liquid in the body.


·         Easy to consume: You don’t have to take many efforts, just drop one effervescent tablet in water, let it dissolve and your health fuel is ready to consume.

An effervescent tablet - Drop, Dissolve, Drink

·         Energy Booster: When we are tired we crave for water that means our body is dehydrated! What if you get a hydration fuel along with the water when you are already tired? Won’t you feel blessed?

 Fast&Up Reload Cola Flavour- Tastire, Healthier, Easier

Fast&Up Reload is a hydration fuel, Reload is in the effervescent tablet form, Reload is made with a perfect blend of Electrolytes, Antioxidants, and Carbohydrates, the unique combination of Maltodextrin and fructose which is in the ratio of 2:1 provides with instant and sustained energy.

Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Calcium helps in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness.

Reload is available in three flavors namely Cola, Berry, and Citrus.

Reload is now Informed-Choice certified, it is a certification program which ensures you that the particular product is all banned substances free.


Fast&Up is up with many other supplements which are in the form of effervescent tablets.

Like Multivitamins, Bone health supplement, Vitamin C, pre-workout and post workout supplements.

All the supplements are available in different refreshing flavors.

Every product has different specifications to know more visit our website


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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer