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Published : Feb 22, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 15, 2023

            A footballer attempting overhead kick

Football has infused into the hearts of our Nation which has a whopping number of devotees of cricket owning to gaining popularity of the sport as well its adaptations in movies, advertisements etc. Football happens to be a high-intensity sport which requires speed, stamina, strength molded with precise skillsets that outshines the performance of a footballer. 

One cannot deny the fact that along with daily practice to polish the skills and endurance, nutrition plays an important factor that adds up to the performance when it comes to football. One of the prime aspects of nutrition for the sport is BCAA i.e. branched chain amino acids.

BCAAs mainly comprising of Valine, leucine and isoleucine are the essential amino acids required to be included in the diet as the body cannot synthesize them. BCAAs supplements for footballers mainly assist in preventing muscle breakdown which is a highly beneficial prospect when it comes giving your best for the whole 90 minutes of the game.


 Football Penalty kick shootout

Correlation between BCAAs and Performance.

Football training, as well as matches, often drain your body of energy-depleting the muscle glycogen which leads to distress. The muscle protein breakdown is also accelerated during the game thereby leading to muscle exhaustion as well. Consuming BCAAs supplement provides the muscles with necessary amino acids required for protein synthesis elevating the energy status of the player. 

It is indeed wise to choose an ideal BCAA supplement along with other nutritional components for a footballer for its various health benefits. BCAAs i.e. leucine, isoleucine and valine help in muscle contraction and relaxation thus smoothening muscular rhythm. It also helps in strengthening the tendons and ligaments that hold the muscles for bone support thus making these amino acids a must add in the diet. Find your ideal BCAA here.


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BCAAs for muscle recovery.

The body continuously burns down energy fuels depleting the muscle protein content that can cause tiredness. BCAA supplements for footballers helps to prevent soreness of muscles and delay fatigue while both trainings as well as matches. It is indeed wise to include BCAAs before as well as after football matches as it helps in providing the body with amino acids required to build-up the muscular strength deteriorated during the game.

A footballer is accustomed to injuries on the field be it practice session or even tournaments. This is due to chronic stress caused to muscles and ligaments during regular practices by muscle wear and tear. Natural muscle recovery does play a part in healing the muscles but the body cannot cope up with the necessary space required to rebuild the muscles. This can often lead to sustained injuries either from previous matches or some minor muscle stress neglected during the football workout routine.  One of the advantages of using BCAA supplements is that it helps the body to speed up the healing of wounds as the amino acids play a key role in the functioning of muscle and tissue repair mechanism.

A couple of football players competing for the ball

Footballer’s Dilemma - When and How to consume BCAAs?

Providing the body with essential BCAA supplement just before a match can benefit in making the body proteins available just before getting in the ACTION! BCAA supplement also is readily absorbed by the body hence using it in half times before the 2nd half of the match is about to begin will also be helpful to make up for the fatigue as well as refueling yourself. The BCAA supplement that can be dissolved easily in water/ other liquid forms such as juice and consumed directly acts best for the body. Post football match intake of BCAA is definitely a wise decision in order to recover from the muscles strain during the match and restoring the proteins pools of the body required for muscle repair.


Football is an obsessive sport after all for all its enthusiasm that one can easily observe in a mobbed-up football stadium electrified by the cheers of the audience. It’s the zest of healthy and dedicated players that make up the good game spirit all the way till final whistle is heard!!!

A footballer with jersey number 7 holding a football in his hand inside a full stadium

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