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6 Ways to Avoid Protein Bloat

Protein Bloat

Protein shakes are the best friends of those who go to gym regularly and those who maintain their physique. Protein supplements can be a real savior to fulfil your nutritional requirements especially when you are running on a tight schedule. However, if the protein powder that you take daily doesn’t suit your body or you don’t consume it in the correct manner then it may make you feel bloated and cause other digestion issues.

Adopt these six measures to avoid bloating issues caused due to protein –

1. Correct the Timing

After a workout, you may feel the urge to have your protein shake immediately but you need to control yourself and wait for about 30 minutes and then consume your protein shake. In addition, make sure you slurp it slowly and not hurriedly to prevent your belly filling up with air bubbles.

2. Check Serving Size

Protein plays an important role in muscle building and that is the main reason most people who want to build lean muscle mass opt for protein supplements. You should ensure you take protein powder in the serving mentioned and not add more to it in order to bulk up faster. As you get more active, you can increase your protein intake. This will help your stomach to learn to digest more protein gradually. 

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3. Reduce your Overall Calorie Intake

Most of you would love to have your protein shakes added with lots of fruits, veggies or nuts. Such add-ons may make your shake along with regular food consumption can cause too much pressure on your digestive health leading to lower bowel movements and more bloating issues. You should reduce your overall calorie intake if your protein shakes are heavy which can help you avoid bloating.

4. Do Away with the Straw

As silly as it may sound but drinking your protein shake with the help of straw can too be a reason for you to feel bloated. When you sip your drink through the straw, air too is sucked in and gets filled in your stomach. Drink your shake directly from the glass or cup. Also, try to avoid over blending your protein shake to disallow any air to enter your drink.

5. Check for Hidden Enemies

Read the label of your protein supplement and check if you have chosen a high quality protein powder. Protein powders that have too much added flavors, sugars or sweeteners or any other additives lead to digestion issues. If your protein supplement choice is the best one then you should try it with water or any other type of milk than regular cow milk. If you have selected the best whey protein and are still facing bloating problems, you should shift to plant protein to avoid bloating. 

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6. Reconsider your Protein Choice

You may have to reconsider your protein supplement choice if you have any allergy or you are lactose intolerant. You may not be aware that you may have some allergy from a particular item in your protein powder. If your relation with the protein supplements doesn’t get better even after adopting the above given measures then you should buy another protein powder to avoid bloating issues. Those who are lactose intolerant should choose a high quality protein supplement.

These measures can help you avoid bloating caused due to protein and if you are looking for a better quality protein supplement then you should definitely try Fast&Up plant Protein Isolate. This Plant protein supplement is a rich combination of brown rice and yellow peas to give you a complete protein and causes absolutely no bloating or any digestion issues. Moreover, it is sweetened with the help of natural sweetener called stevia and has no added sugars.

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