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5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Need to Know

Published : Nov 14, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023

Working hard constantly while trying to lose a few pounds and not seeing any results can be quite frustrating. When it comes to weight loss we have always been asked to eat less, but honestly, this strategy works up to a certain limit. It is not about eating less or skipping meals or moving around more and more. There may be many other fat loss mistakes that we might have been making unintentionally.

Eventually, there comes a point where nothing works and that turns out to be quite very much heartbreaking which often leads to demotivation.
5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Need to Know
Most of the time we fall into the trap of all the overplayed, overhyped, and inaccurate information because we seek for something which will actually work, so we jot down all the pieces of information we gather and experiment all of them altogether on our body- and then we end up realizing that this crap is not going to work!

After a point, we start making excuses which comes like a bunch of bull- bad genetics, hectic schedule, and many more but the reality is we give up because of all those constant roadblocks!

But if we start working in a smarter way by not indulging in those stubborn acts and change the strategy then we can actually turn our bodies into a fitter and healthier version of self!

5 Major Fat Loss Mistakes We Usually Make:

● Judging on the basis of what the scale says:

It is not right to come down to the conclusion just on the basis of your body weight. Weight is usually influenced by many things like including fluid fluctuations and how much food is present in your system. Apart from this increased estrogen level and other hormonal changes in women can lead to greater water retention which gets reflected in the scale machine.
If you have been working out possibilities are that you may be gaining muscle and losing fat. The fact is when this happens your clothes may start to feel looser around the waist!

● Choosing low fat or diet foods

It is true that processed low-fat or diet food products are considered a good choice for losing weight, but little did we know exactly the same diet food might have the opposite effect. Because of this diet food products are loaded with sugar in order to improve their taste. So rather than keeping you full these low-fat food products are more likely to end up making you feel more hungry.
It is recommended to choose products which are a good combination of nutritious and minimally processed foods.

● Not eating enough protein and fiber

Protein intake plays a major role if you are trying to lose weight. Protein reduces your appetite, it increases the feelings of fullness, it decreases calorie intake and also protects muscle mass during weight loss.
While talking about fiber, a low fiber diet may be comprising your weight loss efforts. According to a study it is found that a type of soluble fiber namely viscous fiber helps to reduce appetite by forming a gel that holds water, then this gel slowly steadily moves through your digestive tract making you feel full.

● Skipping meals
This is the most common mistake we all make; because when fat loss is the goal, most of us usually think skipping a meal is the best solution to all our problems.
But this can turn out to be a dangerous path to choose. When you skip a meal your blood sugar drops, your metabolism rate slows down then you often end up overeating.
● Going low on fats
Don’t blame the butter for what the bread did. It is the excess carbs and sugars that make you grow fat. Know your fats like you know your carbs. Just make sure that you intake enough fat but from the right sources.

Fat loss journey is a combination of keeping a check on your diet and workout simultaneously make sure you fuel your body in the most efficient and effective way you can. All you need is the right supplements, willingness to bring the change from within and achieve your goals with the right nutrition from fast&up.

5 Fat Loss Mistakes You Need to Know

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