Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins
Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins

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Fast&Up Vitalize - Daily Multivitamins

21 Fast-Acting Vitamins & Minerals for All-Day Energy

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Fullife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Plot no. 59, Kedia Industrial Development Corporation, Village Dheku, Taluka Khalapur, Dist. Raigad, Raigad (Maharashtra) - 410203

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21 Fast-Acting Multivitamins in a Tab

21 Multivitamins with Added Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract for all day energy. In water, multivitamins have higher nutrient bioavailibility, has no added sugar which help in faster absorption and no GI Distress. It also helps promote overall general health, blood circulation and stamina. Fast&Up Vitalize:
  • Is an Advanced Daily Multivitamin that meets recommended dietary allowance for most nutrients
  • Has 12 Vitamins + 9 Minerals + Natural Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract
  • Complements and bridges nutritional gaps and ideal for healthy and active lifestyle
  • Is easy to use and portable.

How To Use: Drop one tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it dissolves completely and Drink.

When To Use: it can be consumed with any of the meals, preferably post breakfast for optimum absorption. 

What is Fast&Up Vitalize?

India's First Effervescent Multivitamin Drink, Fast&Up Vitalize is formulated with 12 Vitamins, 9 Minerals and a Natural Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract to fill nutritional gaps and maintain overall health daily. This daily complete multivitamin supplement is made with premium Swiss effervescent technology that offers faster absorption and faster action of daily multivitamins. All you have to do is just DROP 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, allow it to DISSOLVE completely and DRINK. Available in peach flavor, it is easy to consume, 100% vegetarian, with no added sugar and banned substance free

Why Effervescent Multivitamin?

Are you someone who hates to swallow multiple tablets or capsules to fulfill daily nutrition demands? Worry no more! We got what you need! Now get your daily vitamins and minerals with just 1 tasty and refreshing drink. Yes, that's right. 1 tasty drink a day to fulfill your daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Effervescent Multivitamins offers significant nutritional benefit and greater effectiveness far better than any traditional multivitamin drinks, capsule or tablets. If you're looking for an ALL-IN-ONE MULTIVITAMIN for everyone combined with taste and health, this one's for you. Plus, No need to swallow bad tasting tablets or capsules anymore. Consumption of this One-For-All daily multivitamin drink keeps you active, energetic, reduces stress and helps you achieve your fitness goals without GI discomfort.

Why Fast&Up Vitalize?

We all know that we should include nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. in our diets. But, even after best of intentions, it's still hard to always be in control of what ends up on our plate. A powerful way to stand by your body, throughout and everyday to support and contribute towards being healthy everyday is by adding Fast&Up Vitalize to your daily health regimen.

Fast&Up Vitalize helps provide an optimal combination of essential micronutrients the body needs in order to support the daily nutrition demands for a healthy and balanced state of active lifestyle. Together, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients create a powerful synergy to help fill nutritional gaps, contribute to active living and lifestyle management, positively influence performance, help energize the body and manage fatigue, promoting overall health and maintenance.

Fast&Up Vitalize is truly an Everyday Essential and helps provide strength and energy required to support you in your active living and active lifestyle.

How does Fast&Up Vitalize help?

Good nutrition is when we are able to provide our bodies with an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, the elements that our body demands on a daily basis in order to function normally and stay away from any deficiency or deficiency-related diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals are everyday essentials used by the body for various metabolic activities. It is well established that vitamins and minerals interact with each other and play a significant role in physical and mental well-being. Fast&Up Vitalize is a perfect way to complement your everyday health, providing balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals and a natural beetroot extract for vitality and overall well-being to help support your health and fitness goals. 


Nutrients per serving (4.15g) tablet
Energy 11.99 kcal
Fat 0.03g*
Protein 0.03 g0.06%
Carbohydrate 2.90 g*
Total Sugars 0.29 g*
Vitamin A 0.3 mg 30%
Vitamin B1 1.2 mg66.66%
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg56%
Vitamin B3 15 mcg83.33%
Vitamin B5 5 mg100%
Vitamin B6 2 mg83.33%
Vitamin B7 0.03 mg75%
Vitamin B9 0.1 mg56.66%
Vitamin B12 0.5 mg22.72%
Vitamin C 37 mg46.25%
Vitamin D3 (Plant Source) 100 IU16.66%
Vitamin K1 0.03 mg54.54%
Calcium 100 mg10%
15 mcg30%
Copper 10 mcg0.58%
Iron 1.5 mg7.89%
20 mg4.54%
Manganese1 mg25%
Molybdenum10 mcg22.22%
Selenium15 mcg 37.50%
Zinc3 mg17.64%
Beta vulgaris extract150 mg*
Based on 7 Reviews


I always feel that consuming vitamins and minerals is important. But I never liked to swallow those multivitamins tablets. Fast&Up Vitalize is available in an effervescent format which makes them so easy to consume. Now I dont have to worry about missing out on essential vitamins and minerals.

By deepak


Fast&Up Vitalize is a perfect multivitamin supplement it provides 21 vitamins and minerals needed by the body. It is perfect to maintain my active lifestyle.

By divakar


Super duper product! I was on lookout for a good quality multivitamin supplement and I am so glad That I found one. Vitalize has benefited me greatley.

By giridhar


As someone who is super busy, I always miss out on important nutrient. Well not anymore, Vitalize provides me 21 essential vitamins and minerals which helps me to fulfill my nutrient gap.

By harish


A worthy product! Really useful and effective. I would recommend this product to everyone

By indra

1. What are multivitamin & mineral side effects?

Fast&Up is a natural multivitamin and mineral supplement and there are no side effects.

2. What is unique about Fast&Up Vitalize?

Fast&Up Vitalize Effervescent drink is a best multivitamin supplement formulated with 12 vitamins, 9 minerals, and a natural nitrate-rich beetroot extract to fill nutritional gaps and maintain overall health daily. It is made with premium Swiss Effervescent Technology, which offers faster absorption and faster action of daily multivitamins.

3. When to take multivitamin supplements?

One can consume a single tablet of Fast&Up Vitalize and the best time of the day to take multivitamin supplements is in the morning after breakfast for optimum absorption.

4. What are multivitamin supplement benefits?

Multivitamins are essential as they: - Help increasing energy and stamina levels - Helps maintain a healthy heart - Helps support healthy vision - Helps reduce stress - Helps maintain overall general health

5. What is the minimum age to consume these tablets?

It can be taken by anyone who is above 8 years of age.

6. Can we take Fast&Up Vitalize on an empty stomach?

It is important to take Fast & Up Vitalize with any of your main meals, which helps in absorbing the nutrients effectively, and give good benefits.

7. Is it beneficial for athletes and gym goers?

Yes, it is beneficial for an active person since their energy demands are a lot more than a normal person.

8. Does it have any chemicals how can it replace natural foods?

The products are not meant to replace natural food, they are supplements the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to todays lifestyle and diet.

9. What are multivitamin & mineral side effects?

Fast&Up is a natural multivitamin and mineral supplement and there are no side effects.


Say bye-bye to Deficiencies with the Fast&Up Range of Vitamins & Minerals

India's First Effervescent Vitamins & Minerals with Superior Bioavailability

Fast AbsorptionFast Absorption
Gentle on the StomachGentle on the Stomach
Superior BioavailabilitySuperior Bioavailability
No Added SugarNo Added Sugar
Fastandup product

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