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CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair
CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair

CHICNutrix Popz Biotin - For Stronger & Thicker Hair

Delicious Mouth - Melts Tablet with 10000mcg Natural Sesbania Extract & 7 Keratin Boosters with Selenium

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  • Plant-Based Biotin: Chicnutrix Popz Biotin provides 100% RDA 40mcg Biotin from all natural and plant based Sesbania Extract for stronger and thicker hair

  • With 7 Keratin Boosters & Selenium: These Essential hair vitamins helps provide complete hair nutrition, promotes hair strengthening, maintains healthy scalp and helps reduce hair fall

  • Fastmeltz™ Technology: Chicnutrix Popz is a fast-acting mouth melts tablets that instantly dissolves in your mouth and offers faster nutrient absorption

  • Trusted by Dermatologists: Chicnutrix Popz Biotin is recommended by experts that helps minimize hair shedding phase, improve hair growth cycle and promotes overall hair health

  • No Added Sugar: Popz Biotin is formulated with no added sugar as compared to sugar gummies which are loaded with sugar

  • Nutrition for All & Consumption: Chicnutrix Pop™ Biotin offers holistic nutrition for both men and women. Just pop one mouth-melt Popz, allow it to dissolve into your mouth and revitalize your hair with instant hair nourishment. It is recommended to take every day for visible results. 

With changing lifestyle, stress, inadequate nutrition and excess use of hair styling products results in hair fall, hair thinning, baldness, receding hairline and other hair related problems. Chicnutrix Popz Biotin formulated with all natural 10000mcg Sesbania Extract that helps with stronger and thicker hair. Popz Biotin enriched with 7 Keratin Boosters – L-Methionine, Vitamin C, B5, E, B6, A & Selenium that help maintain hair density, improve scalp health, reduces frizz and provides hair shine. Popz Biotin provides 100% RDA Biotin Requirements. Synergistic action of Biotin and Keratin Boosters nourishes your hair by exceeding the hair growth phase and minimizing the hair shredding phase. Therefore, it promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles and reduces hair fall and hair damage. Formulated with advanced sublingual delivery system, meaning that nutrients are directly released into the bloodstream for fast onset of action. Selenium maintains a healthy scalp, reducing dandruff, and promoting overall hair texture by reducing hair frizz and giving you luscious locks. Just pop one mouth-melt and allow it to disintegrate into your mouth and revive your hair with instant hair nourishment. Trusted by dermatologists, Chicnutrix Popz Biotin helps improve hair density, volume, and shine. This innovative method makes it easy for individuals who have difficulty swallowing tablets or pills or those who are travelling. With no added sugar as compared to other sugary mouth melts in the market. It is recommended to take daily for visible results. It is available in tasty orange lime flavour. Win your confidence back and flaunt those lovely hair locks with Chicnutrix Popz™ Biotin. 

Per serving (3.2 g) tablet 
% RDA 
Sesbania Grandiflora Extract
10.00 mg 

Natural Biotin
40.0 mcg 
Vitamin C
Vitamin B5
Vitamin E
2.00 mg
Vitamin B6
Vitamin A
 Vitamin B12
Energy Value (kcal)
Protein (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
 Total Sugars (g)
Added Sugars (g)
Total Fat (g)
Saturated Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Sodium (mg)
( 5.0)
Based on 10 Reviews
( 5.0)

I've struggled with hair breakage for years, after conuming Popz Biotin, within just a few weeks, I noticed a significant decrease in breakage, and my hair feels stronger and healthier overall. I'm beyond impressed and would recommend this product to anyone dealing with similar issues.

By Yogeeta Khanna
( 5.0)

After giving birth, I experienced significant hair loss. Popz Bioin has reduced my hair fall and have seen new hair growth. Really like this tangy orange lime flavour and it is very easy carry and consume.

By Amar Rathod
( 5.0)

I've only been taking this biotin supplement for a few weeks, but I'm already noticing a difference in my hair. I'm excited to see continued results with prolonged use. I'm glad this Popz biotin contains low sugar unlike other sugar based biotin gummies

By Shikha Mehta
( 5.0)

I've always struggled with thin, fine hair that sheds like crazy. I've noticed significantly less shedding, after consuming Popz Biotin regularly for weeks. I'm thrilled with the results so far and plan to continue using this product.

By Reema Singh
( 5.0)

After going through menopause, I noticed a significant increase in hair loss and thinning. I've experienced less hair shedding, thicker hair, and even some regrowth in areas where I had noticeable thinning. I couldn't be happier with the results. Trust me and just go for it!

By Srilaxmi L.

1. What is Chicnutrix Popz Biotin?

Chicnutrix Popz Biotin is a mouth melt tablet designed to address hair concerns using FastMeltz Technology, ensuring convenient and rapid nutrient absorption without the need for water

2. How does FastMeltz Technology work in Chicnutrix Popz Biotin?

FastMeltz Technology transforms plant-based bioactive compounds into quick-dissolving particles, enhancing nutrient delivery for faster absorption and maximizing its benefits for your hair.

3. Why is Chicnutrix Popz Biotin considered highly bioavailable?

Chicnutrix Popz FastMeltz Technology ensures high bioavailability with our specialized QuickZolv formula that indicates rapid dissolution of mouth-melt tablet, releasing nutrients directly into the bloodstream for fast onset-of-action

4. How fast does Chicnutrix Popz Biotin dissolve?

Chicnutrix Popz Biotin dissolves completely within 45 seconds, ensuring rapid nutrient delivery and serving an accurate dosage.

5. What sets Chicnutrix Popz Biotin apart from traditional supplement forms?

Chicnutrix Popz Biotin is formulated with proprietary FastMeltz Technology, an advancement in nutrient delivery. This innovation allows for rapid disintegration and absorption of essential nutrients through the buccal mucosa, bypassing the digestion process. Unlike traditional supplement forms that rely on gastrointestinal absorption, this technology ensures faster onset-of-action by maximizing the efficacy of each dose and providing instant nutrition.

6. Are there any age restrictions for using Chicnutrix Popz Biotin?

Chicnutrix Popz is recommended for individuals aged 16 and above.

7. What makes Chicnutrix Popz Biotin enjoyable to consume?

Chicnutrix Popz Biotin is crafted with a delightful taste, making it a pleasure to consume. The delicious Orange Lime Flavour ensures an enjoyable experience while reaping the benefits of this hair-nourishing mouth melt tablet.

8. When can I expect to see visible results in my hair after using Chicnutrix Popz Biotin?

Visible results vary from person to person depending on individual factors such as hair growth cycles, overall health, and consistency of use. However, many users typically experience improved hair health and texture after consistent use for 12 weeks. For optimal results, it's recommended to maintain regular consumption and adhere to the recommended dosage

9. Are there any added sugars in Chicnutrix Popz?

Chicnutrix Popz does not contain any added sugars, ensuring a wholesome and beneficial nutritional supplement.

10. Are there any side effects?

No, Chicnutrix Popz Biotin is safe to use and there are no known side effects reported when taken as directed.

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