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Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed
Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed

Fast&Up Melatonin - To Fall Asleep Faster & Wake Up Refreshed

100% Natural, Safe & Non-Habit Forming - Melatonin 5mg + L-Theanine 100 mg

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Fast&Up Fast-Acting Melatonin tablet is a drug-free way to help reduce the time for you to fall asleep faster within minutes. So, fall asleep, stay asleep with Fast&Up Fast-Acting Melatonin supplement. It is a science-backed formulation of Melatonin 5mg tablet & with added 100 mg L-Theanine made with premium Swiss Effervescent Technology. It helps you wake up refreshed with no drowsiness the next day.
Fast&Up Melatonin 5mg tablets:
  • Helps reduce time to fall asleep faster within minutes

  • Eases jet lag & helps improve sleep-wake cycle

  • Contains less sugar than sugar-based sleep gummies

  • 100% non-habit-forming & causes no next day drowsiness

How To Use: 

Drop 1 tablet in a glass of water, wait till it dissolves and drink up!

When To Use:

Before going to bed.


Fast&Up Fast-Acting Melatonin supplements is a 100% natural and non-addictive sleep aid that helps reduce the time for you to fall asleep faster within minutes.
Melatonin: It is naturally produced in our body that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. Its production in the body is influenced by the amount of light we're exposed to. Sleeplessness is caused by low Melatonin levels and thus Fast&Up Melatonin 5 mg tablets provide an extra boost of melatonin, helping you fall asleep faster.
L-Theanine: Found in tea leaves, L-Theanine is an amino acid known for its relaxation-inducing properties. When combined with melatonin, it contributes to faster and better sleep quality.

With its unique combination of 5mg Melatonin and L-Theanine tablet, this effervescent melatonin supplement promotes quicker sleep onset, improved sleep quality, and reduced sleep disturbances. Fast&Up Melatonin tablets are recommended by sleep doctors and nutritionists and are safe to consume daily and do not have any known side-effects.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to faster, restful & rejuvenating sleep with Fast&Up Melatonin & L-Theanine tablets. Make it a part of your bedtime routine and experience a good night's sleep for your overall well-being.  

Nutritional Info (Approx Values):

Serving Size: 1 Tablet (1.7 g)
Number of servings: 20 
5 mg *
100 mg *
Energy 4.85 kcal 0.24%
0.17 g 0.31%
1.02 g *
Total Sugars 
0.12 g *
Added Sugar
0 g 0%
Dietary Fibre 
0.01 g 0.03%
Total Fat 
0.01 g 0.01%
Saturated Fat
0 g0%
Trans Fat
0 g 0%
111.52 mg 5.58%

#%RDA values established as per ICMR Men Sedentary Work and based on 200 kcal diet. *RDA values not established.

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Melatonin Supplement

Due to my hectic lifestyle, I hardly get time to sleep. I also find it difficult to manage my sleep timing. I tried every piece of advice given to me but nothing worked. A few days ago my friend suggested trying this new product called fast and up melatonin. I was skeptical about the product but it has helped me immensely. It has helped me to sleep faster and peacefully. The best thing about this product is that it is non-habit forming. The effervescent form makes it easier to consume. The taste of the strawberry flavor is also great.

By Naresh
( 5.0)



By sonam prajapati
( 5.0)

I had difficulty sleeping especially with Noise coming from the outside of my house but when I tried this I slept well without any Delay.

By Sumar Nene
( 5.0)

This is a great product. It works fast, it is non habit forming and does not have any side effects

By Sankalp Tiwary
( 5.0)

I am a night owl. I often stay awake till 1 am. I tried multiple ways to help me fall asleep. But when I started taking Fast&Up Melatonin I started sleeping instantly.

By Avani Nair

1. How Does Melatonin Help In Falling Asleep Faster?

Melatonin is a sleep hormone. It is primarily responsible for regulating your body is circadian rhythm to manages natural sleep cycle, often used as a sleep aid to help combat issues like insomnia and sleeplessness.

2. What Is L-Theanine?

L-theanine is an essential amino acid. L-Theanine have been known to affect levels of hormones in the brain like serotonin and dopamine that influence mood, sleep, stress and emotion. An imbalance in these hormones can cause sleep imbalance, stress and mood swings.

3. How Is Fast&Up Melatonin Unique From Other Melatonin Supplements?

Fast&Up Melatonin is designed as a natural drug free sleep aid that helps to promote calm and peaceful sleep. Available in Swiss Effervescent Technology, it offers faster nutrient absorption, vegan, gluten free with no added sugar and NON-GMO.

4. How Many Tablets We Can Consume In A Day?

We can consume only 1 tablet per day.

5. Are There Any Side Effects Of This Tablet?

It does not have any side effects. In fact, it is easy to use, easy on the stomach and works very effectively in maintaining melatonin levels in the body.

6. What Is The Minimum Age To Consume This Tablet?

The minimum age for consuming this product is 18 years.

7. Can you take Melatonin daily for the long term?

Yes. It is safe to consume Melatonin daily on a longer term as Fast&Up Melatonin is 100% natural, non-addictive & does not have any known side-effects

8. Can you take Fast&Up Melatonin for afternoon sleep?

Yes, it is alright to consume Fast&Up Melatonin in the afternoon to fall asleep faster.

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