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Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron
Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron

Fast&Up Iron - Maximum Absorption Iron

19 mg Effervescent Iron for Daily Iron Requirements

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  • 19 mg Effervescent Iron for daily Iron requirements, 100% RDA for both men and women
  • Ferrous bisglycinate - Chelated Iron with high bioavailability for those who have low Iron and haemoglobin
  • Promotes RBC production for healthy haemoglobin levels to fight daily fatigue and tiredness
  • Fast acting, no nausea and constipation, and no metallic aftertaste with tangy orange flavor
  • How To Use -  Drink. Drop, Dissolve, Drink. Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water. Allow the tablet to Dissolve completely and Drink
  • When To Use: It can be consumed once daily after any meal.

If you are feeling fatigued and tired all the time, your body probably has an iron deficiency. Fast&Up daily iron provides you with 19mg of chelated Iron in effervescent form for maximum bioavailability which helps fulfill the daily iron requirements and comes in tangy Orange flavour which is easy to consume, gentle on stomach, causes no Nausea or constipation and has absolutely no metallic after taste.


Iron19 mg100%

Energy9.11  KCal0.46%

Fat0.02 g0.09%
Protein0.25 g0.46%
Carbohydrate1.99 g*
Total Sugars0.15 g*
Sodium 172.31 mg 8.62%
( 4.4)
Based on 5 Reviews
( 5.0)


very good

By Abhi
( 5.0)


I like the taste and also I haven't face any side effects like vomiting and nausea..that was graet.👍I like this product.

By kshitija ladge
( 5.0)

good 👍


By Archana Sharma
( 4.0)


Good product

By Krishan Kant Nagrath
( 3.0)

more flavour

multiple flavors should be there.only single flavour is the problem

By Gulshan Tyagi

1. What is Fast&Up Iron?

It contains high quality chelated iron Ferrous bisglycinate which is a highly bioavailable form of iron in an effervescent form which makes it easier to absorb and faster in action. It comes in a tangy orange flavor and absolutely no metallic after taste.

2. How Does Fast&Up Iron help?

It promotes the RBC production to help maintain a healthy haemoglobin level. It supports blood production and ensures optimal oxygen supply throughout the body via the blood. It helps boost immunity and prevent iron deficiency by helping to fulfill daily iron requirements as it provides 100% RDA. It helps you feel energized throughout the day and fight daily fatigue and tiredness.

3. Does it give a metallic after taste?

No, it does not have a metallic aftertaste as it is in an effervescent form and comes in a tangy orange flavour.

4. Who can take Fast&Up Iron?

Anyone above the age of 18 can take Fast&Up Iron to fulfill their daily iron requirement.

5. Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

You should take Fast&Up Iron after any meal and it is advised not to consume it on an empty stomach.

6. Why is external supplementation of iron necessary?

The iron absorbed by our body from the food we eat is not enough to maintain the required iron levels and eventually, we face iron deficiency due to which our haemoglobin levels decrease and we feel fatigued, tired and we become more prone to daily infections. Hence, daily supplementation of iron is important to maintain general wellbeing.

7. Does it cause GI issues or nausea?

The iron used is Ferrous bis-glycinate chelate which is very gentle on the stomach and does not cause gastric distress, constipation, or nausea.

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