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What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbal supplements are products from plants or their oils, roots, seeds, berries or flowers. Herbal supplements have been used for many centuries. They provide multiple health benefits that help to improve general well-being.

Herbal supplements are available as:
• Liquid extracts
• Teas
• Tablets and capsules
• Oils
• Herbal Powder

Why do you need superfoods?

Superfood is an ingredient with high levels of nutrients that help prevent a disease and offers several simultaneous health benefits beyond their nutritional value. Ingredients like

What are the Benefits of superfoods?

Superfoods provide the following benefits.

Good for heat health – superfood such as beetroot extract is a powerful source of natural nitrate along with vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. It helps to improve heart health and facilitate better oxygen supply, blood circulation and nutrient transport to the body.

Increases attention – ingredients such as Alpinia Galanga Extract acts as caffeine replacement which helps to increase attention without an energy crash.

Boost metabolism - Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs help to boost the metabolism and promote fat breakdown from energy while also providing fast-acting energy.

Prevents cell damage – ingredients like Quercetin which are found in peels of vegetables and fruits, act as a potent antioxidant that helps to prevent cell damage.

Incorporating Herbal supplements into your diet

Incorporating herbal supplements into your diet can provide you with multiple benefits. Herbal supplements provide holistic health benefits to the body. Here are the reasons why you should incorporate herbal supplements into your diet:

Fewer side effects – herbal supplements are made from natural ingredients; thus it has fewer side effects than regular medicines. Herbal supplements are also non-addictive.

Holistic health – herbal supplement provides holistic health while maintaining balance within the body.

Helps detox – herbal supplements contain health herbs like Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa and Spinach, and Ashwagandha which cleanse and flush out toxins from the body while also easing digestion.

Maintain alkaline pH – herbal ingredients such as Wheatgrass, Barley grass and Alfalfa help to restore pH levels to healthy alkaline pH and to fight acidity. Alkaline pH helps to prevent the onset of sickness or disorders, which can be triggered due to prolonged acidity issues.

Are these products Ayurvedic?

No, Fast&Up Active Green and Energy Superfoods are not Ayurvedic Products.

Why Fast&UP Herbal Supplements?

We aim to provide high-quality and clean nutrition to all. Fast&Up ensures to provide Clinically Proven and Studied Ingredients with pure and natural herbs and superfoods to improve health and stamina. Curated with important herbs and superfoods like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass powders, and many more.

Fast&Up herbs powder is 100% Vegan, with No Added Sugar & No Artificial Colours. They are also banned substance free. Fast&Up superfoods are FSSAI compliant, GMP certified and made with Swiss technology.

How to Consume Superfoods

Add one scoop in 200 ml of water, Stir well and Drink. The powder can be added to smoothies and also be stirred into fruits, vegetable juices, and/or buttermilk. Always follow the direction to use mentioned on the product.

Is it safe to consume Herbal Supplements?

Yes, it is safe to consume herbal supplements. Choose herbal supplements that are made from natural herbal ingredients. Also, look for safety indicators like banned substance free, no added sugar, no artificial flavours and no artificial colour. Consume the supplements as per the recommended dosage.


1. What results can I expect from Superfood products?

When you consume a superfood product, you can expect benefits such as weight management, detox, improved immunity, and better digestion. Superfood products also help to boost your energy and metabolism. Superfood products help in overall health development.

2. Who can take Superfood Greens & Herbs?

• Those with a high protein diet.
• Suffering from frequent acidity.
• Complaints about bloating or digestive health issues.
• Those leading a hectic, stressful and busy lifestyle.
• Athletes, Fitness enthusiasts or those leading an active lifestyle.
• Those looking for detox.
• Those who want to kick lethargy out and stay active and energetic during the day.
• Wants to enhance immunity, stay healthy and Nourish Naturally.

3. What is the best way to use this product?

It is a very easy-to-use superfood product. Add one scoop of 200 ml of water, Stir well and Drink. The powder can be added to smoothies and also be stirred into fruits, vegetable juices, and/or buttermilk.

4. If I take this product, what diet do I need to follow?

Superfoods and Superherbs supplements are designed to provide additional benefits to you on top of your regular diet. You can continue to follow your regular diet along with these products.

5. Can this product be taken during pregnancy?

While superfoods are made with the best quality natural ingredients, always consult a doctor to know whether this product can be taken during pregnancy.



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