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Natural Supplement For Your Holistic health:

Superherbs and Superfoods are the new terms that have gained massive popularity recently. Superherbs are potent immune-boosting herbs with great nutritional content and Superfood is a broad phrase that refers to herbs, fruits, and other foods that are high in nutrients and bioactive phytochemicals and have a variety of health advantages.

These organic superfoods are minimally processed and high in nutrients such as antioxidants, phytochemicals, and beneficial fatty acids. Superfoods, which are extremely tasty and satisfying, have the power to greatly improve one's body's vital force and energy and are the best choice for improving overall health, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, and increasing sexuality, detoxifying, and alkalizing the body.

Superfoods and superherbs, in particular, can not only help nourish the brain, bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system, pancreas, and immune system right away, but they can also help correct imbalances over time and guide us toward a more natural and original diet. That is, eating superfoods and superherbs makes it much easier to accomplish your optimum weight, diet, and eating habits, as well as aiding detoxification and the shift to a living, raw lifestyle.

The immune system is extensive and intricate. Its purpose is to both detoxify and protect your body from sickness and external invaders. Toxic substances, which include pesticides, and automobile pollution are unfortunately also present.
These hazardous microorganisms, as well as an unending array of poisonous chemicals, constantly attack our immune system on our planet. The regular stresses of life, and their negative consequences on us and affecting our health.

Fast&Up ensures to provide Clinically Proven and Studied Ingredients, with pure and natural herbs and superfoods to improve health and stamina. Curated with important herbs and superfoods like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass powders, and many more. Our aim is to provide high-quality and clean nutrition to all.

List of Herbs and Superfoods:

  • Amla: Indian Gooseberries are small yet nutrient-dense fruits with a long list of health advantages. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is essential to the immune system, and amlas are high in this vitamin. It also contains Vitamin B5, which is required for the production of fatty acids, Vitamin B6, which is required for enzyme function, and copper, which is required for a healthy heart and blood vessels, among other nutrients.
  • Ashwagandha: Chemicals in ashwagandha may aid to relax the brain, reduce edema, lower blood pressure, and change the immune system. Ashwagandha, being an adaptogen, is utilized for a variety of stress-related illnesses. Adaptogens are herbs that assist the body to cope with physical and mental stress.
  • Ginger: Ginger is one of the healthiest spices available, containing a wide range of minerals and bioactive components. Ginger is a prominent element in home remedies for indigestion, nausea, and other ailments. It is also thought to help with menstruation cramps. The main bioactive molecule in ginger is gingerol, which is responsible for many of its therapeutic benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well.
  • Turmeric: Active Component- Curcumin. It possesses strong biological characteristics. Turmeric can help relieve a number of health concerns, with chronic pain and inflammation being two of them. Turmeric, in addition, acts as a pain reliever and healing agent.
  • Tulsi: Tulsi, also known as holy basil, has been used to treat the symptoms of a variety of ailments for millennia. Eugenol, camphor, and eucalyptol are some of the bioactive components found in them. Anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties are also present. Asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat, indigestion, vomiting, and other symptoms may be relieved with the help of Tulsi. Tulsi also aids to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol when consumed regularly. Tulsi tea may help to decrease inflammation and treat arthritis-related joint discomfort. It can also be used to freshen your breath and encourage good oral hygiene.
  • Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is a B vitamin-rich plant-based superfood that is naturally gluten-free and has been shown to promote gastrointestinal health, reduce hunger pains, boost energy levels, and help with insulin resistance, PCOS, and sugar control. Wheatgrass is high in B vitamins, which aid in exercise performance and can be consumed before, during, or after a workout.
  • Moringa: Moringa is one of the most potent and effective superfoods for reducing exhaustion and tiredness. At the end of the day, a glass of super smoothie is enough to re-energize you. Moringa contains the most natural amino acids, magnesium, minerals, and vitamins of any plant-based diet, and has the greatest protein concentration. It is a superfood of superfoods because of its antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, anti-ulcerative, and analgesic effects. Moringa contains Lutein, which protects the eyes, as well as detoxifying chlorophyll, anti-hypertensive Beta-sitosterol, and hundreds of other nutrients.
  • Spirulina: Spirulina is a superfood made from algae that are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is high in copper, which helps to enhance immunity, and it is high in riboflavin, which makes it a high-energy food.
  • Chlorella: Chlorella is a superfood detoxifier that is made out of natural green microalgae. Chlorella has 40 times the chlorophyll content of the greatest wheatgrass juice available, making it the world's highest chlorophyll-containing plant. Heavy metals and chemical poisons bind to chlorophyll, which aids in their removal from the brain and nervous system. Chlorella is also a complete protein source with growth elements that promote youth and rejuvenation.

Best Plant-based Supplements

Fast&Up Active Greens

A Greens & Herbs powder with Pure and Clinically Proven Extracts 11 Superfoods and Greens. This plant-based drink improves digestion, and immunity, and detoxifies the body naturally. It has the best nutrients from land and sea, like wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, moringa, spinach, amla, beetroot, sage leaf, and, cranberry, to support general well-being with reduced acidity, strong immunity, healthy digestion, and nutritional balance.

Fast&Up Energy Superfood

A caffeine-free pre-workout that contains an intelligent combination of some of the best energy superfoods like beetroot, coconut MCTs, Alpinia galangal, and quercitin. It aids to boost metabolism to provide a caffeine-free energy boost. Each serving (5g) of energy superfood provides a clean energy boost due to the presence of high-quality and clinically proven ingredients. It is ideal for those looking for a natural and clean plant-based caffeine replacement supplement.


Q: What herbs are Superfoods?

Ans: Superfoods include herbs such as tulsi, coconut oil, beetroot extract, amla, ginger, and Alpina galangal.

Q: Are herbal supplements Good For You?

Ans: Yes, herbal supplements are good for you as they provide multiple benefits to your body.

Q: What is the difference between herbal and dietary supplements?

Ans: A herbal supplement is derived from natural sources while dietary supplements can be made with natural or synthetic ingredients.

Q: What is the best superfood supplement?

Ans: Best superfoods supplements include Fast&Up Active Greens, Superfoods, Plant protein, and wheatgrass.

Q: Are herbal products good for weight loss?

Ans: Yes, herbal products are excellent for weight loss.

Q: Are herbal nutrition products safe?

Ans: Yes, herbal products are safe as they need certification from various government institutes.



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