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The Right Sports Nutrition Supplements for Muscle Recovery

During workout supplements are indispensable for building up the strength of muscle. The key to developing endurance, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete or sportsperson, is robust muscle recovery. When you do extreme exercise, your muscle fibers tear and have to be built again. By repairing themselves after damage, muscle fiber is increased.

The right during workout supplement can contribute immensely to this process. Fast & Up’s innovative combination of essential amino acids, L-arginine, L-glutamine and BCAAs can change the way you exercise for better, like no other sports nutrition supplements in India.

During Workout Supplements
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Every minute of your workout will amount to something tangible with our during workout supplements. They stimulate protein synthesis and reduce breakdown of muscle tissue. Our drinks channel protein in the body and balance hormones to stabilise your biological processes at a cellular level.

Anyone who leads an active lifestyle will need to return to their workout the next day. Our team of scientists have developed pre workout, during and post workout supplements in the form of drinks or energy gels.

How Our Supplements Work

Our drinks and energy gels contain BCAAs and 20 other essential amino acids in their elemental form which maximises healing. In fact, we have engineered sports nutrition supplements that surpass traditional supplements by delivering 5g BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine to maximise muscle activation. Our workout drinks contain the compound of 2.5g L-glutamine for muscle recovery, 1g L-arginine to reduce fatigue, 1g citrulline for nitric oxide boost, taurine for energy, and vital vitamins and electrolytes to enhance your performance at its very best.

We have one of the largest online collections of multivitamin supplements, sports nutrition supplements, pre workout supplements, post workout supplements and during workout supplements in India. Our drinks are convenient as they can be ordered online, and are also easy to use. They help keep you hydrated and also prevent gastrointestinal troubles.

The Fast & Up BCAA is the ideal post workout supplement. Play hard, and let your muscles work hard!

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Payday Sale - Up to 50% OFF + Free Immunity Booster