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Nutrition plays a key role in supporting all aspects of running, including daily targets, weekly mileage, races, recovery and training adaptations, etc.

The main goals of performance Running nutrition are:

  • To provide fuel for the activity required in training
  • To prevent injuries, cramps spasms
  • To promote recovery and drive training adaptations following sessions
  • To fuel for the run and recover on race day


Nutrition for training should be based on the desired training effect. To prepare for this you should practice your race-day nutrition strategies in training. These should be done with a well-designed training week including the following sessions:

  • Low-intensity or recovery runs with restricted carbohydrate availability
  • High-intensity intervals fuelled by carbohydrates
  • A key race-day session where the full fuelling plan for your race-day is practiced

The high-intensity intervals and hill sessions will be carbohydrate dependent. Depending on the timing of this session, including a carbohydrate source with your meals during the day and topping up with a 30g Fast&Up Energy gel just before the activity is advised. Whereas easy miles and recovery runs can be fuelled using our own body fat stores, before breakfast is a good time to cover these runs. Having a Fast&up Activate pre run drink before you get out can lower the perception of effort and make the session feel easier. It is important to have a food and supplements plan going into your chosen race and testing this out in training with one 'train as you race' session per week is essential for the following reasons:

Pre-run meal: Breakfast is an important the day of your event, to top up energy stores and ensure you are fully fuelled for the start line. Breakfast should be 2-3 hours before the start to allow for full digestion and prevent any chances of gastrointestinal distress while riding. Test your race-day meals in training to ensure it works for you. And just before you start the run, consume Fast&Up Activate pre workout drink

During the run: Your body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy faster in the runs, therefore, consuming easy digestible carbohydrates as you go is key. Aim to take in 30 g of carbohydrate Fast&Up energy gel per 30mins. Fuelling should be in the start- if you wait until you are tired to start eating this is often too late.

Hydration: Your fluid requirements will be dependent on sweat rate, aim not to lose greater than 1-2% body mass as a result of sweat loss. With that a lot nutrients are lost and so to replenish it all Fast&Up Reload is a hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement during the run for instant hydration and electrolyte replenishment for your body with the right combination of electrolytes, antioxidant, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Recovery: Hard racing depletes muscle glycogen stores and amino acids, causes muscle damage and results in fluid loss. Your recovery nutrition should therefore focus on both carbohydrate and amino acids intake to replenish muscle glycogen and repair muscle damage. Fluid and electrolytes should be provided to aid rehydration. And so to replenish it all back, instant post workout muscle essential 20 amino acids recovery drink


Hydration: Start the run in a hydrated state. Drink 250 ml of Fast&Up Activate effervescent pre-run drink to activate the blood flow to the muscles.
Energy: Your pre-run meal should be at least 2-3 hours prior to have a good flow of energy.

Recovery: Ensure that you rest well between the sessions as adaptations take place. Overtraining is common in endurance athletes. Aim to get the same amount of sleep throughout your training period.

During your run

Hydration: Work out how much you are sweating (per hour) and try not to lose more than 1% of your body mass through sweat loss. Include Fast&Up Reload drink to stay hydrated, energized and focused in the run.

Energy: Aim for 30 g of carbohydrate per 30mins from Fast&Up Energy Gel throughout the run.


Hydration: For rehydration, aim to replace 150% of the fluid volume lost during the run by weighing. Consume Fast&Up Recover drink to replenish the 20amino acids and electrolytes.

Energy: Carbohydrate is one of the key nutrients in recovery as we will have used energy during the run. Include a carbohydrate source in your post-run meals.

Recovery: Kick-start the recovery process with a carbohydrate-protein meal with Fast&Up Recover drink.

To maximize the storage, carbohydrate intake can be increased in the 24-48 hours before race-day. To do this, increase the carbohydrate with each meal, use carbohydrate snacks between meals and drink carbohydrate drinks during the day.
Breakfast: Oat meal with fruit bowl and eggs white.

Mid-morning: Handful of dry fruits and nuts

Lunch: Chicken/ Cottage cheese sandwiches with salad.

Afternoon: 500ml Fast&Up reload + Caffeine electrolyte drink.

Snack: Peanuts and fruit bowl 

Dinner: Chicken pasta with veggies.


Breakfast: Have a normal race day oat meal with a fruit

Hydration: Start with enough water from the start of the day and pre-run too.

Snacking: A pre-race snack can be used as a final carbohydrate source, have a fruit bowl.

Goal should be on hydration and energy during the race.

Hydration: Aim not to lose more water via sweat loss. Consume at least Fast&Up reload 500 ml of fluid per hour depending on sweat rate, temperature and humidity.

Energy: Aim for 30 g of carbohydrate per 30mins. Alongside fluid intake, an hour of fuel could be Fast&Up Energy Caffeine gels.

Racing depletes muscle glycogen stores, amino acids and causes muscle damage and results in fluid loss. Your recovery nutrition should therefore focus on carbohydrates, protein and water. Fast&Up recovery effervescent drink can be used within 30 minutes of finishing a race to provide carbohydrates and protein to kick-start the recovery process. Follow the below points for your post-race recovery:

  • Fast&Up Recover drink immediately post-run
  • Carbohydrate-protein with veggies within 1-2 hours of finishing
  • Have at least 300-500ml water.