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Fast&Up Gear:

Don't you want everyone to know that you are a regular to the gym and have the swagger to look cool while doing it make sure you have all the right gear. If you want people to notice you in the gym, you must have the right water bottle, right sports t-shirt, right gym bag, and most important right attitude. Choosing the right gear is not as easy as it looks.

Many people have a different approach to their looks. Some prefer cool and casual, some people prefer simple but effective, some people take risks while some play it safe. Some people find it cool to wear a hoodie while some think it is a bit too much. Some people are comfortable in sleepers while some wear sports shoes.

Finding the right kind of gear that suits you may require you to do some experimenting. If you are a regular at the gym or travel a lot, you must carry a water bottle filled with water or an electrolyte supplement. Yes, a water bottle is the most convenient way to stay hydrated. You can keep bottled and hydrated whenever you feel exhausted.

When people are dehydrated, they usually demonstrate lethargy, especially remote workers, engineers, and construction professionals. What makes them so sluggish? Many a time people don't carry a water bottle at the gym because they think they can manage the workout session without hydration. This is not a healthy choice, which is why you should always have a water bottle with you.

Dehydration during a workout can cause major problems for you. It can lead to a severe loss of power or even fainting after an intense workout. So always, make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of water or supplement of your choice in a water bottle while going to the gym Fast&Up has attractive-looking sippers and shakers, which not only serve the utility purpose but also increase your style quotient.

Sipper bottles are a necessity for almost every human being. We see people using sippers everywhere, from high school to the cricket ground, to traveling, and to the gym.
What is it about a sipper that catches the attention of so many people? They are simple to use, light, and long-lasting, and they also look great. They are also quite convenient to travel with.

Fast&Up offers two varieties of sippers one made with Stainless steel material. They are 750 ml and 500 ml in size respectively. It does not transfer smell or taste to the liquid Convenient, Leak Proof & easy to mix supplements, and also made in India. The other one is made from recycled plastic.

It is made for people who want to re-fuel their workouts in style. The bottle is available with a strategically placed grip and an ergonomic design. Best for getting your nutrition on the go!
Along with caring for sippers for hydration, wearing the right apparel is important while doing different activities. It is about comfort. When you are comfortable in your clothes your performance in the gym improves. You want your clothes to breathe along with you in the gym.

Sports T-shirts are unquestionably the most popular apparel among guys. They are not only adaptable but also elegant, and can be worn in a variety of ways. Sports T-shirts for guys can go with every type of bottoms you have in mind, whether they are track trousers, lounge shorts, or innerwear. You may also choose and style a t-shirt for men based on the season and occasion, which means that the same piece of clothing can be worn in a variety of ways.

There are multiple benefits for women to use proper sportswear while working out or performing any other physical activity. They help improve performance, protect against harmful temperature and provide comfort. Soft tissues and ligaments, not muscles, support your breasts. Thus, gravity's impact on the tissues of your breasts, as you run, might result in damaged and drooping chests.

A High-quality sports bra considerably limits chest movement and safeguards the support structures of your breasts. You have come to the correct place if you are looking for a high-quality sports bra to buy online in India. For training and workout sessions, Fast&Up has a high-quality sports bra. This branded women's sports bra gives significant pain relief while also lowering the chance of harm to your chest ligaments.

While the winter season starts approaching everyone fish out their winter wear and starts filling their wardrobes with hoodies, the hoodie that Fast&Up offers will not only give you a casual look but also make you feel warm.

We understand that many people do not have the time to shop for a hoodie in the store; hence, we provide you the option to buy with just one click. You can easily cover your head and ears with the hood supplied with the hoodie when walking down vacant roads as the frigid air strikes you.

Football quarterback Benjamin Russell Jr. came up with the idea for sweatshirts for sports in 1926 while he was looking for an alternative to woolen jumpers. The itching, chafing, and discomfort produced by old-fashioned sweaters irritated the athlete. Thus, he designed loose, collarless, thick cotton pullovers, which evolved into today's sturdy sweatshirts for men. Sweatshirts are one of the most versatile pieces of apparel for layering in casual settings.

Fast&Up Good Vibe Officer (GVO) sweatshirt is 100% cotton, has high-quality printing with zero fading issues, and Snug Fit. Our Good Vibe Officer is none other than Bollywood superstar Varun Dhawan himself. Varun is a style icon for Indian youth and is also an avid fitness enthusiast which fits Fast&Up perfectly. Varun Dhawan is a regular user of Fast&Up products with the GVO sweatshirt being his favorite.

Clothing comfort is one of the most important attributes that people want from their apparel and Fast&Up provides just that. Clothing comfort is generally characterized as the absence of pain or discomfort. It's also known as a sense of well-being, a lack of discomfort, and a lack of annoyance.

People these days want a perfect look for all occasions and are not afraid to take a little risk for it. Enjoy the range of Fast&Up apparel and merchandise and find your best look!


Q: What is a workout water bottle?
A: A workout water bottle is one that you carry during a workout, which may contain a hydration supplement needed to boost your performance.
Q: How much does a sports bottle cost?
A: A sports bottle can cost anywhere between 500-2000.
Q: What water bottles do athletes use?
A: Athletes generally use a shaker or a sipper that is made up of lightweight materials.
Q: What is the healthiest water bottle to use?
A: Healthiest water bottles are made up of material that is not highly reactive, doesn't get damaged easily and is made up of light material.
Q: What is sportswear made of?
A: The most common material used in sportswear is spandex other materials include cotton, polyester, nylon, and microfiber.
Q: What do you call a sports shirt?
A: A sports shirt is a shirt that you can wear while playing any sport or workout that is comfortably made with light material and could be unique to the sport.



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