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Daily Nutrition

Fast&Up Charge - Buy 3 Get 3 Free - Orange

Vitamin C from Amla Plus Zinc - Natural Immunity Booster

Fast&Up Charge Plus- Combo of 3 Tubes - Orange

Ayush recommended herbs to protect your health

Fast&Up Charge Kidz - Pack of 3 Tubes - Mango

Recommended by pediatricians to help strengthen kids immunity

Fast&Up Magnesio - Buy 2 Get 1 - Lime & Lemon Flavour

Better Sleep & Stress Relief

Fast&Up Vitalize - Combo of 3 Tubes - Orange

Daily Multivitamins - 21 Vitamins & Minerals in one Tablet

Fast&Up Fortify - Combo of 3 Tubes - Lime & Lemon

Calcium and Vitamin D3 for Complete Bone Health

Fast&Up N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - Combo of 3 Tubes - Strawberry

Clinically proven N-Acetylcysteine for healthy lungs

Fast&Up Zinc - Combo of 4 Tubes

Immunity shield with 100% daily required Zinc and Tulsi

Fast&Up Promega - Chocolate

Omega 3 fish oil for complete daily health


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