2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper
2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper

2022 Runners Resolutions Hamper

Exclusive Fast&Up New Year's Resolution Hamper to start your new year with a promise of an Active Lifestyle!


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About the Hamper: 

  • This New Year make yourself promise of Good Vibes and an Active Lifestyle. Celebrate a healthy lifestyle in 2022 with the Fast&Up products exclusively made for you.  
  • New Year, New You
  • Set your milestones for 2022 with Fast&Up’s Resolutions Hamper

Fast&Up Reload – Peach Iced Tea + Fizzy Apple + Orange Flavour:  

  • Promotes Instant Hydration  
  • Maintains Electrolyte Balance and Prevents Muscle Cramps
  • Helps Beat Heat and Prevents Dehydration while you travel or train for any fitness activity
  • Added Taste, Not Sugar – No Added Sugar
  • Suitable for anyone with active lifestyle
  • India’s First Hydration Supplement to be Informed Choice Certified
  • WADA Compliant, Banned Substance Tested
  • To know more about Reload – Click here

Fast&Up Energy Gel: 

  • Made in India instant energy gel effectively delivers an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise. Helping you achieve your fuelling needs for cycling, running, and all endurance activities.  
  • They are designed to be consumed without water, minimizing the risk of being bloated that can sometimes occur with over-drinking. Our gels don't have a thick, sticky texture – they have a light, drinkable consistency.
  • Depleting carbohydrate stores during exercise is one of the major causes of fatigue. Delivering additional carbohydrates during exercise is known to improve performance, race time and delay the onset of fatigue.
  • Our Instant Energy Gel approximately provides 102 Kcal in a single sachet and is suitable for athletes as carbohydrate supplements during runs and marathons.
  • To know more about Energy Gel – Click here

Plant Protein – Chocolate Flavour: 

  • High-Quality Informed-Sport Certified Plant Protein Isolate (Pea + Brown Rice) Per Scoop  
  • 6 g BCAA, 6 g Glutamine for Muscle Building, Recovery and General well-being
  • Added Vegan MCT’s and Beetroot Extract for Energy
  • Ghana Chocolate Flavour
  • How To Use: Add 1 scoop (45g) in 500 ml of water or your favourite smoothie. Shake well and Drink 
  • To know more about  Plant Protein – Click here

Fast&Up Activate: 

  • Fast&Up Activate is India’s first effervescent pre-workout supplement that is an intelligent combination of 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine and other active nutrients to make sure you never waste a workout.  
  • L-Arginine achieves this by increasing Nitric Oxide content in blood vessels, which allows more blood and nutrients to circulate around the body.
  • It helps reduce the feeling of breathlessness and delays fatigue during workouts.
  • L-Carnitine is stored in our skeleton muscles and plays an important role in fat metabolism. Other ingredients like zinc and lycopene aid as powerful antioxidants and prevent exercise-induced damage.
  • To know more about Activate  – Click here

Fast&Up Recover: 

  • Recover helps to promote instant recovery post-workout, boosts energy and prepares you for next workout.  
  • Amino acids act as key nutrient in muscle protein synthesis, helps reduce muscle breakdown, injuries, fatigue and tiredness.
  • Glutathione helps to reduce exercise induced muscle damage, decreases muscle stress and supports recovery post intense activity.
  • Available in tasty Raspberry flavour with no added sugar and banned substance free.
  • To know more about Recover – Click here

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Resolution Hamper for Runners

I am an avid runner. I am a part of a running group and we have been participating in many running events. I recently purchased Fast&Up RUNNERS RESOLUTIONS HAMPER which contains products such as reload electrolyte, energy gel, recover, activate, and plant protein. This hamper takes care of every requirement of a runner. It provides products that are essential before, during, and after running. Fast&Up has really put up a lot of thought into designing this hamper. It is an ideal hamper for people who are serious runners.

By Bharath

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