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Fast&Up Reload - Tube of 20 Tabs - Berry Flavour

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Reload is a superior hydration choice during workout which is low on sweetness and helps your body with the right replenishment mix of water, electrolytes, carbohydrates and vitamins! Reload helps you to replenish and recharge instantaneously! This comes in the form of an effervescent tablet.

A unique combination of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chlorides helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance. Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Calcium aids in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. Vitamin D contributes towards your intake which many people in the population have inadequate amounts of. The unique Maltodextrin and Fructose combination in a 2:1 ratio provides ideal combination of Sustained Energy and Instant Energy without having any sudden spurts in sugars. The effervescent mix helps in avoiding any kind of gastrointestinal distress during your workouts!

Fast&Up Reload is the perfect hydration choice during workout for your body. With the right combination of Electrolytes, Antioxidants and Carbohydrates, our Hypotonic formula helps ensure quick hydration without any muscle cramps or dryness in the mouth. Hypotonic drinks contain particles that are less concentrated than body fluid which means they are more quickly absorbed by the body. They speed up the rehydration process. This is just what your body needs to hydrate itself!

And the good part is, it has minimum amount of sugar in it! So how does it help you? Let us break it down for you. The ideal combination of Maltodextrin and Fructose (2:1) helps ensure instant and sustained energy.

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride are the major electrolytes lost, Fast&Up Reload helps you replenish them and rehydrate your body while maintaining the water balance. Fast&Up Reload helps quickly replace fluids lost by sweating. Vitamin D3 and Calcium helps relieve muscle exhaustion and Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. With the unique effervescent technology, Reload is convenient to carry & easy to drink. All you have to do is Drop, Dissolve in 250mL water and Drink. It can be consumed anytime during your workout or even on a hot day when you need to hydrate yourself. It is suitable for those who need fluid intake for their various sessions of activities. The drink can be used all the year round for hydration purposes for various kinds of exercises.

Made in India, Fast&Up Reload is 100% vegetarian and ensures good health and a good workout.

Nutritional Information (Approximate values):

NUTRIENTSPer 100 gPer 3.9g tablet
Energy314.62 Kcal12.27 Kcal
Carbohydrate77.69 g3.030 g
Sugar66.15 g2.58 g
Protein0.74 g0.029 g
Fat0.10 g0.004 g

Each effervescent tablet contains:

Sodium180 mg
Potassium77 mg
Chloride122.87 mg
Magnesium20 mg
Calcium12.5 mg
Vitamin C37.5 mg
Vitamin B122.4 mcg
Vitamin D3100 I.U.
Maltodextrin1280 mg
Fructose640 mg

How to use - Drop one tablet in 250mL water. Wait until the tablet completely dissolves and the drink is ready to be taken! Activate should be ideally consumed 30 minutes prior to your workout for optimum results from workout. 

Q. Can we directly pop the tablet in the mouth?
Ans. The tablet cannot be consumed directly. One tablet should be dissolved in 250 ml of water, and should be consumed once the tablet has dissolved.
Q. Is there soda in the product?
Ans. Our products does not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz.
Q. Does it have chemicals, how can it replace natural food?
Ans. Our products are not meant to replace natural food, they supplement the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to today's diet and lifestyle.
Q. Is it healthy? Does it have any side effects?
Ans. The Fast&Up range of products are approved by FSSAI and does not include WADA restricted elements, therefore safe for long term use. It is healthy and beneficial to individuals who play sports or have an active lifestyle. The products have no side effects if used as directed, however you must consult your doctor before using it you suffer from any heart condition.
Q. I am a diabetic, can I use it?
Ans. Reload, Recover, Charge can be used by diabetics as well but do consult your doctor before you use it.

Product Reviews


Never makes me feel dehydrated. Best dose of electrolytes & berry flavour. Amazing taste!
Isha Samtani

I can't go a day without Reload berry, reload is my support system.
Prashant Bohare

Reload Berry is the best fizz type drink to enjoi during workout
Amar Valia

Reload Berry is just awesome... My workouts are never without a reload
Kanika D

I absolutely love these. I use them regularly for tennis. Reload is not as sweet as other sports drinks, and is a bit effervescent. Much easier to drink.
Shail Desai

Reload is my favorite drink supplement. It is super hot and humid when I run, so to prevent losing all my electrolytes I add two tablets to my bottle of water. I like the flavor and the added energy is helpful!
Neil S

I go through one of these tubes a month. My go-to drink during a ride or workout. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!
Tanya A

Reload is my go to electrolyte source for sports now. Very happy!
Ankur S

Really like these! Easy on my stomach and help give me a boost on long runs.
Kamini Pujara

Don't like water? Don't care for electrolyte drinks that are sugary? Try Fast&up! I was lucky to learn about these from a friend who is a runner and I owe her a HUGE thank you. These brought me out of a series of dizzy spells I was having due to hydration issues. Thank you Reload!
Satya A

Does it hydrate? Yes. Does it provide energy? Yes. Does it dissolve easily? No. Does it taste good? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes
Anubhav P

I’m at a point where I don’t know if I can exist without these. Reload has saved me from headaches, hangovers, tiredness, etc. I took these to a music festival and they kept me going, and are great for at home use as well. I’ve re-ordered them several times. Berry is my favorite.
Pari G

Life saver on the tennis court. Must buy!
Vidhi L

Love this stuff. Need to get some more. I drink this during or after a migraine attack and it helps me get over the fatigue and tired feeling. The taste is good and I like that it has some fizz. Plus no sugar which I am trying to avoid.
Soumya Bose

Love Fast&Up. I have a sensitive stomach and have not faced any issues with this product. Also, these are great because you can carry several bottles worth of drink mix in the small tube. Really helpful.
Aryaman K

I play cricket, and this is my favorite drink during my match and practice sessions. I don't leave without my tube.
Astha Ray

Super product!
Vinay Pansari

Great flavors! My work requires a lot of travelling so I keep a bottle in my purse all the time. It helps prevent those dehydration migraines!
Rhea Puri

Very refreshing and has helped stop post workout headaches and cramps
Pooja Kapoor

The hydration and flavour is wonderful and I do feel they give me more energy!
Sarthak Khanna

My son's cricket team uses these so I thought I would try them also. I truly feel better 20 minutes or so after taking one dissolved in a glass of cold water. I start the morning with one at breakfast then another whenever I feel tired.
Sneha Agarwal

Reload has been my go-to hydration product for years, it has been giving me a little energy boost for early morning workouts or during races! I love the fact that there's very little sugar, no artificial colors, and the flavors are fantastic!
Dhara Vachharajani

I am a yoga teacher and have been dealing with some pretty intense dehydration headaches and was looking for an easy solution. All my friends told me about Reload so I decided to go with the “berry” version first because they I liked the flavour idea. I have to say - I am hooked! The taste is way better than any other hydration product I have tried. As other reviews have said they do take time to dissolve but I’m patient enough to deal with it. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!
Rahul Shah

They really have helped me. I run first thing in the morning, shower and then sit down to work. I have a desk job so my calves get tight. I stated having Reload and now it is no more pain. As a bonus I don't feel exhausted 2 hours after my run like I do after a really hard one. Great product.
Radhika M

Dehydration is dangerous and sneak up on you, especially in the winter. I carry this in my pack to work and it really helps get hydrated. A medic at work gave me one during a super hot july day when I couldn't drink enough water to stay hydrated and it literally saved the day!
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