Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters
Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters

Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man - Added Performance Boosters

100% Plant Based Protein + Safed Musali + Testofen- Designed for the Alpha Male

Intensity level: High

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Country of Origin: India

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Plant Protein with Natural Performance Boosters

100% Pure Plant Protein with a powerful combination of superherbs and multivitamins that boosts metabolism, testosterone levels and helps in building strength and stamina. Fast&Up Plant Protein for Man:
  • Provides 24g protein per serving, with added digestive enzyme- Pepzyme AG™ to prevent GI distress.
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, NON-GMO with no added sugar and banned substance free
  • Formulated with 3 high quality blends for performance enhancement
  • Contains Added Performance Boosters like Ashwagandha (KSM-66), Gokhru, and Brahmi and Testofen.
  • Designed for the Alpha Man who want to perform

How To Use: Add 1 scoop in 250-300ml water or any health drink of choice, shake well to dissolve and drink

When To Use: Anytime of the day  

1. What is unique about Fast&Up Plant protein for man? 

Fast&Up Plant protein for man consists of a combination of 3 types of blends- Green blend that comprises wheatgrass powder, chlorella powder, and moringa powder, ayurvedic energizing blend-Ashwagandha (KSM-66), gokhru, safed musali, fenugreek and Brahmi and black pepper extract and vitamin and mineral blend that helps support muscle growth and recovery, helps in the production of lean muscle mass and boosts strength, stamina, and energy.

In addition, it is formulated with the nutritional requirements of men with a complete amino acid profile. Added with digestive enzyme blend that helps to prevent stomach bloating, GI distress and improves nutrient absorption without any stomach irritation and GI disturbance. Each scoop of Plant Protein powder for men helps to fulfill daily protein requirements along with providing super herbs with added performance. It is 100% vegan, Non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and has no added sugar.

2. What makes this protein blend a complete amino acid profile?  

A combination of pea and brown rice protein is known to offer a complete amino acid profile and deliver complete vegan protein. Pea protein is low in amino acids cysteine and methionine but high in lysine and pairs perfectly with brown rice protein, which is low in lysine and high in cysteine and methionine. Together they offer the complete best protein powder for men, which is superior to any single plant protein source. This means they have all the amino acids required by the body to help meet the demands, plus they’re dairy free, easily digestible, and have a low potential for allergic responses.

3. How does the Green blend help?  

The Green blend comprises a combination of wheatgrass powder, chlorella powder, and moringa powder.

  •  Wheatgrass powder – Being high in nutrients and antioxidants wheatgrass powder helps in detoxification thereby affecting energy levels. It helps in regulating cholesterol levels and boosts blood flow to sexual organs that improves stamina.
  • Chlorella powder is a superfood and helps in the elimination of toxins, helps boost metabolism, and lowers cholesterol in the body. 
  • Moringa powder helps promotes prostate health and regulates blood sugar levels and helps promote vigor and vitality.

4. What is energizing blend?  

Fast&Up Plant protein for man comprises an amalgamation of ayurvedic energizing blends like Ashwagandha (KSM-66), gokhru, safed musali, fenugreek and Brahmi, and black pepper extract. Benefits of the whole blend:

  •     Ashwagandha KSM-66:

Ashwagandha helps in boosting your immune system and thus redirecting your energy back to the weight loss process. It also increases the level of testosterone in the body which helps boost workout performance. Muscle mass is essential for any weight loss program as it fastens your metabolism.

  •     Black pepper:

    Black pepper is a thermogenic food, which helps to speed up the metabolic process and burn calories more quickly. It contains piperine, a compound that helps to enhance metabolic performance and prevents fat accumulation in the body. The spice also increases the concentration of good cholesterol. Black pepper is loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K, minerals, and healthy fatty acids and works as a natural metabolic booster.

  • Safed musali

Being a powerful aphrodisiac and adaptogen helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to increase fertility. It also acts as a natural strength booster during workouts and helps in the absorption of iron.

  • Fenugreek extract (Testofen®)

Helps to prove effective for athletes wanting to enhance physical performance capabilities as it increases in strength and muscle mass in response to its consumption.

  • Gokhru

Gokhru has multiple health benefits when it comes to men. It increases testosterone levels and improves athletic performance and stamina. It plays a crucial role in bodybuilding and sperm health. Protodioscin is the active component in Gokhru that helps with bodybuilding by increasing oxygen-rich blood flow to the muscles enabling the muscles to fully utilize the protein.

  • Brahmi

Brahmi is a wonder herb known to stimulate memory and cognitive ability. It also improves behavioral alteration and prevents oxidative damage. In men, it may be useful as it improves sperm quality and sperm concentration.

5. How does adding digestive enzymes help?  

Fast&Up Plant protein man is added with digestive enzymes -Pepzyme AG™ to help to improve digestion. It helps to prevent stomach bloating, and GI distress and improves nutrient absorption without any stomach irritation and GI disturbance.

6. How does Fast&Up plant protein for man help build stamina and strength?

Fast&Up Plant protein for men contains a revolutionary blend of energy-boosting ingredients like extracts of Ashwagandha KSM 66, black pepper extract, fenugreek extract, safed musali, gokhru and Brahmi extracts that help increase testosterone levels and boost blood flow to muscles to build strength and stamina.

7. Does this product help in increasing testosterone? 

Yes, Fast&Up plant protein for man contains superheroes like Ashwagandha KSM 66, gokhru, and Testofen® (fenugreek) extracts that increase testosterone levels and improve athletic performance and stamina in men.

6. How to consume Fast&Up Plant protein for man?  

Add 1 scoop in 250-300ml water or any health drink of choice, shake well to dissolve, and drink. It can be baked or added to healthy recipes like protein pancakes, ice creams, smoothies, fruits, and many more for enhanced flavor and taste. 


Serving size: 1 scoop

Servings per container: 15 servings

NUTRIENTS Per serving %RDA
118.42 kcal
Fat 1.26g
^Total Sugars  
Greens blend  50mg 
Wheatgrass powder, Chlorella powder and moringa powder
Energizing blend 612mg
Ashwagandha (KSM-66), lemon powder, gokhru extract, safed musali extract, fenugreek extract (Testofen®), brahmi extract and black pepper extract
Vitamin and Mineral blend 
237.27 mg 
Vitamin B1 
Vitamin B2 0.2mg 
Vitamin B3 
Vitamin B6 
0.25mg 13.15% 
Vitamin B12 
Vitamin C 
Vitamin D3 (Plant source) 
Elemental Sodium as Sodium chloride 86.5mg 4.33% 
Elemental Potassium as Potassium chloride 
94.5mg 2.7% 
Elemental Magnesium as Magnesium carbonate 28.1mg 6.38% 
Elemental Iron as Iron Sulphate 3mg 15.78%
Elemental Zinc as Zinc Sulphate 10mg 58.82%


Nutrition by Fast&Up Designed for the Alpha Male

Made for you to Perform

Boosts Testosterone
Prevents Erectile Dysfunction
Swiss Formulation
High Quality

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