Fast&Up Complete Daily Nutrition & Protection Kit

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  • Intelligent nutrition unlocks a powerful tool to strengthen the immunity of you and your loved ones with the Fast&Up Care Kit which offers daily protection through a complete range of immunity-building nutrition.
  • Morning - Natural Vitamin C from Amla extract to boost your immunity
  • Afternoon - 50 times more powerful than Turmeric powder, Fast&Up Curcumin with black pepper and ginger to strengthen immunity
  • Evening - Zinc plus Tulsi to top up with extra support along with clinically proven ingredient - N-Acetylcysteine to protect your lungs from environmental toxins
  • Active Greens; 40 scoops, High Quality Superfoods and Supergreens for Daily Use
  • Fast&Up Care kit also contains personal protective equipment: a hand sanitizer and face-mask.

Gift wellness, care & health this 2020 with the Fast&Up Care Kit. A Care Kit you would love to present as much as you want it to receive! This Care Kit is a complete nutrition kit with all immunity essentials along with personal protection equipment that you need in the new normal. Fast&Up Care Kit has the best selling immunity boosting & daily nutrition products that help to protect the health of you and your loved ones. High quality ingredients, in a convenient to use and carry effervescent format. The pouch of the Fast&Up Care Kit has been handmade by the women at AfterTaste (an NGO that focuses on women empowerment) and it is super handy to carry in your bag to keep your essentials such as sanitizer, key, and extra mask in one place.

The Care Kit has Fast&Up Charge, Fast&Up Curcumin, Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine, and Fast&Up Zinc+Tulsi. It also contains personal protection equipment - a hand sanitizer and face mask. With powerful ingredients, the Fast&Up Care Kit is a daily immunity essentials kit to protect your health. A gender-neutral present to surprise your loved ones, the Fast&Up Care kit is a Gift that should definitely be on your gifting list to show your loved ones and yourself TLC - Tender, Loving Care, and Vitamin C! 

Fast&Up Charge

Boost your immunity
1000 mg Amla Extract providing you with Natural Vitamin C along with the power of Zinc in a tasty orange flavor that you can just drop-fizz-drink and have every day during or after breakfast.

Quantity: 1 tube of 20 effervescent tablets

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Face Mask

Face Mask offers personal protection against dust, allergens, fog haze, and splattering liquids. It is made of reusable cotton that ensures that your skin stays fresh and offers anti-dust protection mouth mask for sports, running, hiking, climbing, and for many other purposes.

Quantity: 1


Hand Sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content that gives you instant germ protection, It kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus without water and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. Apply enough Hand sanitizer gel on your palm. Spread and rub over the back of your hands thoroughly and fingertips until completely dry before touching other surfaces. Make hand sanitizer your new 24-hour companion in school, at home, workplace, metros, market and gyms

Quantity: 50 ml


Handmade by the women at AfterTaste, an NGO for women empowerment.

Quantity: 1

Fast&Up Curcumin

Build your immunity shield

First Time in India - Effervescent Curcumin with 95% Piperine, Added Ginger and Zinc. Powerful formula for Immunity Shield in Mango Flavour with No Added Sugar that you just have to drop 1 tablet in 250ml water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink after any meal or lunch

Quantity: 1 tube of 25 effervescent tablets

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Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine 

Protect your lungs

Double Action Formula with Clinically Proven Ingredients: N-Acetylcysteine and Vitamin C that helps protect lungs and boosts lung immunity. It supports liver and lung detox functions in a tasty Strawberry flavour where you have to drop 1 tablet in 250ml water, wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink after any meal

Quantity: 1 tube of 20 effervescent tablets

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Fast&Up Zinc + Tulsi

Top up for immunity support

Fast&Up Zinc with Standardized Tulsi Extract for daily immunity and general well-being that provides 100% RDA of Zinc to help fulfil daily requirements. It supports antiviral activity for strong defence against harmful pathogens. In a tasty Lime & Lemon Flavour, all you need to do is drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, allow it to dissolve completely and consume daily after any meal. Can be mixed with other Fast&Up products

Quantity: 1 box containing 2 tubes of 15 effervescent tablets each

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Fast&Up Active Greens

  • 40 scoops, High Quality Superfoods and Supergreens for Daily Use
  • Added plant-based immunity boosters
  • Pure and Clinically Proven Extracts, No Added Sugar
  • Helps reduce acidity, eases digestion and detox, boosts immunity and protects against infectious agents
  • HOW TO USE: Add 1 scoop (7g) in 200 ml of water, Stir well and Drink

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