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Fast&Up Half Marathon Bundle

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  •  Half Marathon Bundle includes nutrition essentials which to fuel your run with 2 Activate pre-workout drink, 3 Reload berry hydration, 1 Recover post-workout recovery drink along with 1 energy gel Pack of 5 sachets FREE. 
  •  Energizing the muscles to initiate a run is important. This is promoted by essential active nutrients along with amino acids such as L-arginine and L-carnitine present in Activate pre-workout drink which helps in giving a strong start. 
  • Continuous running can lead to profound sweating which causes loss of electrolytes leading to exhaustion. Reload helps in replenishing lost electrolytes with vitamins and minerals for an uninterrupted half marathon Run. 
  • Instant energy gel in easy to carry portable sachets fuels your run with quick sips of energy gel containing maltodextrin and caffeine to prevent exhaustion and reenergizes you instantly. 
  •  BCAA is necessary for training of half marathon running as it fuel your run with necessary amino acid and muscle activation boosters which energizes the muscles. BCAA is easily absorbed by the body.
  •  Half marathon uses up considerable stamina and endurance leading to muscle soreness this is countered by Recover post workout drink which recovers you from the lost energy with 20 vegetarian amino acids and essential muscle recovery complex. 

A strong run is triggered by supplementing the muscles with adequate energy to have a great start for the run. This is achieved with the help of Fast&Up Activate pre-workout drink which is caffeine free and is to be consumed 30 minutes prior to your running. The L-Arginine content in Activate increases the blood flow to muscles which benefits in faster transport of nutrients for energy production. This mainly benefits in preventing breathlessness and exercise induced oxidative stress (EXIOS) which causes exhaustion during marathon run. L-Carnitine helps in effective fat metabolism by the body to promote stamina and energy. Activate available in tube of 10 tablets, dissolve 1 tablet in 250ml water which is to be consumed 30 minutes before you start running.

Muscles are in continuous motion during running which can lead to exhaustion due to sweating where body tends to lose essential electrolytes. This can impact the running rhythm and pace of the runner. Reload berry included in Half Marathon Bundle is informed-choice certified which helps to restore the lost electrolytes along with vitamins and minerals which prevents exhaustion, fatigue, cramps etc. Reload is an informed-choice certified instant hydration drink which benefits in a smooth run thereby enhancing the runner’s performance.

Recovering from a Half Marathon or training for the same is crucial as it plays a key role in maintaining peak muscle health. Fast&Up Recover helps you in benefiting post workout impact with 100% vegetarian amino acids with glutathione which boost muscle damage repair. Muscles undergo continuous contraction and relaxation causing wearing out of muscles. Amino acids get easily absorbed by the body and speed up recovery process from the lost muscle strength. Muscles accumulate free radicals during running which can cause muscle damage. Glutathione benefits as a powerful antioxidant which helps in eliminating cell damaging free radicals. Recover tube consist of 20 effervescent tablets each, 1 tablet is to be taken within 30 minutes after workout by completely dissolving in 250 ml of water.

Half Marathon running event requires energy on a continuous basis to maintain steady pace of the runner in order to finish the same and perform in best possible way. Energy gels are easily absorbed by the body and are gentle on stomach. These energy gel sachets containing maltodextrin and caffeine are portable which can be tucked in pocked and consumed during run to take quick sips of energy while running to prevent exhaustion, fatigue and keep you focused on the run. 

Nutritional Information (Approximate values):

Energy18.31 Kcal
Carbohydrate1.36 g
Total Sugars1.01 g
Protein3.15 g
Fat0.03 g

Each effervescent tablet contains:

L-Arginine1500 mg
L- Carnitine250 mg
Lycopene (10%)12.5 mg
Zinc Sulphate Equivalent to Elemental Zinc2.5 mg

1. What is unique about Fast & Up Activate?
Fast&Up Activate is the best pre-workout supplement with a blend of performance-boosting ingredients containing L-Arginine which increases Nitric Oxide (NO) content in blood vessels and increase their diameter, which then allows more blood and active nutrients to circulate around the body. Our skeletal muscles are the main reservoir of L-Carnitine in the body. 250 mg of L-Carnitine in the pre-workout drink plays an important role in fat metabolism. Antioxidants in the drink prevents damage to muscle tissues.

2. Why use Fast & Up Activate?
Fast&Up Activate pre-workout supplement is a powerful pre-workout supplement formulated with 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine to ensure that you are ready for your training which will help boost performance with increased energy and stamina and helps increase blood flow and enhance oxygen availability to muscle cells.

3. For whom Fast & Up Activate is useful?
Fast & Up Activate is essential for anyone who is into exercising or sports activity to boost their performance in the activity and to breakdown their fat levels as well.

4. When to use it?
The Fast & Up Activate is a pre-workout that is to be taken 20-30 mins prior to the workout to increase vasodilation, the blood flow to the muscles and improve the exercise/game performance.

5. How to use it?
Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink it 20-30 mins pre-workout.

6. Can you consume it directly?
It’s made from the unique effervescent technology and so it is to be had after dissolving in the water and have it in a drink form so that the nutrients are absorbed effectively.

7. How many tablets a day?
A normal person can take 1 tablet per day. But a person who is extra active and spending a lot of energy in any physical activity can easily intake 2 tablets per day pre-workout or game.

8. How much water to be used?
You can dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water and consume it pre-workout.

9. What is the minimum age to consume the tablets?
It can be taken by anyone who is above 14 years of age.

10. Is it fine to take Fast & Up Activate on an empty stomach?
Yes, it is fine to take Fast & Up Activate on an empty stomach.

11. Can it be taken before any kind of workout?
Yes, it can be taken prior to 30 mins of any kind of workout or sport.

12. Does Fast & Up Activate contain Caffeine?
No, it does not contain Caffeine. Fast & Up Reload + Caffeine hydration drink contains 30 mg of Caffeine.

13. Does Fast & Up Activate has any side effects?
It does not have any side effects. In fact, it's easy to use, easy on the stomach and works very effectively.

14. Does it helps in promoting stamina?
Yes, it helps in instant energy boost and helps increase performance with increased energy and stamina.

15. Does it contain added sugar?
No, it does not contain any added sugar. The sweetener used in the tablet is Sucralose which is completely safe and is diabetic friendly.

16. Fast & Up Activate is available in which all flavors?
Fast & Up Activate is available in Orange flavor.

17. Does it helps in promoting good sports performance?
It helps in promoting good sports performance with increased energy and stamina, helps increase blood flow and enhances oxygen availability to muscle cells.

18. Is there soda in the product?
The products do not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz

19. Does it have chemicals, how can it replace the natural foods?
The products are not meant to replace natural food, they are supplements the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to today’s lifestyle and diet.