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  • Instant muscle recovery
  • Help improves the game and exercise performance
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Helps prevent dehydration causing fatigue
  • How to use: Mix 1 scoop with 250 ml of water. Shake well, Dissolve and Drink post exercise on training days or game days.


L-glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acid in the blood and in muscle cells. It is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that the body is normally capable of manufacturing enough to meet its metabolic needs. But under certain conditions, additional glutamine may be required in case of athletes and exercising individuals. For example, during intense exercise, glutamine levels deplete, which means there is increased requirements. Since the body is in need, it is necessary to supplement with glutamine to help meet the body's demands.


Glutamine actually supplies 30-35% of nitrogen to muscle to synthesize proteins. This, in turn, will promote protein synthesis. Glutamine helps in overall muscle recovery post activity. It helps decrease muscle soreness through improved muscle repair and glycogen repletion! Maintaining a high nitrogen balance in the muscle prevents muscle breakdown, therefore retaining more muscle.
One pretty awesome function of L-glutamine is that it has the ability to draw water and salt into the muscle cells. Protein synthesis happens faster when muscle cells are hydrated, enlarged and swollen. This would mean that glutamine stimulates an increase in cell volume as well as muscle protein synthesis. It helps in faster muscle recovery, preventing injuries and reducing muscle fatigue.


Glutamine is an important amino acid with many functions in the body. It is a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system. L-Glutamine helps to reduce recovery time so that you can get through your next workout and take less time off for your muscles to recover. It allows your muscles to push a little harder than they would without it, which helps boost your strength and helps to repair your muscles.

During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. Exercising individuals are more susceptible to injuries, fatigue and such illnesses—this is why L-Glutamine supplementation is so important, for enhanced muscle recovery, and also, basically "maintenance" effects of L-Glutamine.

HOW to consume it?

An effective dosage would be around 5-10g per day (1-2scoops). You may go up to around 20-30g, depending on whether or not there are digestive issues and the fitness goals. You can easily add L-glutamine into your shakes and BCAAs or simply in the water and have it post workout.


Mix 1 scoop with 200 ml of water. Shake well to dissolve. Drink during/Post exercise on training days or after any sport event for good recovery. For best results, use 2 scoops per day.


Energy 398.8 kCal 19.94 kCal
Carbohydrate 0.2 g 0.01 g
Total Sugar 0.00 g 0.00 g
Protein 99.6 g 4.98 g
Fat 0.0 g 0.0 g


1. Why is Glutamine essential in post workout nutrition?
There is a loss of glutamine stores due to the activity in workouts and game training. And so, the glutamine replenishment is essential. The post workout period is considered as the most critical part of nutrient timing which initiates the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue and restoration of glutamine reserves.?The post workout period has heightened potential to utilize and transport nutrients in a way that heavily dictates the results we seek and so Glutamine as an amino acid is very important.

2. Will it help in preventing muscle cramps and spasms?
It will be helpful in faster recovery of the muscles and so that will help in prevent the injuries or any such conditions.

3. How to use Fast & Up Glutamine ?
Mix 1 scoop in 250 ml of water, Shake it well and Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink it post-workout.

4. For whom Fast & Up Glutamine is useful?
It is useful for anybody and everyone who wants to recover from the physical activity and gain back the lost amino acids.

5. How many scoops of Fast & Up Glutamine a day?
A person can take 1-2 scoops per day, post workout.

6. Can you consume Fast & Up Glutamine directly?
No, It's normally to be taken by dissolving it in the water and have it in a drink form so that the nutrients are absorbed effectively.

7. How much water to be used per scoop?
You can dissolve one scoop in 250 ml of water and consume it post workout.

8. When to use Fast & Up Glutamine?
It can be consumed immediately post workout for the instant recovery needed from the training.

9. What are the benefits of Fast & Up Glutamine?
The glutamine content helps in recovery to heal and repair muscles post workout or help you recover from a tiring day.

10. Is it fine to take Fast & Up Glutamine on empty stomach?
It is fine to take Fast & Up Glutamine on empty stomach.

11. Does Fast & Up Glutamine has any side effects?
It does not has any side effects. In fact it's easy to use, easy on stomach and works very effectively in recovery of the muscles from the workout or any activity.

12. What is the minimum age of consuming the glutamine?
It can be taken by anyone who is above 8 years of age.

13. Does it contains added sugar?
No, it does not contain any added sugar.

14. Fast & Up Glutamine is available in which all flavors?
It is a flavorless drink.

15. Can Fast & Up Glutamine be taken with any other medicines?
Yes, it can be taken with most of the medicines.

16. Does Fast & Up Glutamine help reduce muscle fatigue?
Yes, it helps prevent muscle spasms and cramps and so helps prevent muscle fatigue

17. Is there a specific time after workout?
Nutrient timing is a popular nutritional strategy that involves the consumption of combinations of nutrients in and around a training session. And so, Yes, it is more beneficial if it is taken immediately within 30mins of your workout.

18. Can I eat something immediately after having this?
Yes, you can eat anything immediately after having this.

19. What does the body experience during post workout period?
During this time the body experiences a heightened ability to respond to certain nutrients which significantly regulate nutrient transporters that take nutrients to the muscles, boost metabolism and alter metabolic pathways to focus primarily on those muscles and tissues that were recently trained.

20. Why Glutamine as an amino acid essential for post workout?
An intense resistance training workout results in the depletion of a significant proportion of stored fuels like amino acids as well as causing damage to muscle fibers. Amino acids are known to have a positive effect with respect to post-exercise muscular adaptations. Several researchers have made reference to an anabolic ?window of opportunity? whereby a limited time exists after training to optimize training-related muscular adaptations.

21. How does it help in post workout recovery?
Glutamine?is an important amino acid with many functions in the body. It is a building block of protein and hence necessary for recovery and critical part of the immune system.

Product Reviews

Dhruvit Mehta

Workouts have become more fun and stressfree. Great product!
Viraj Shetty

I tried this product once during a heavy workout with my brother, been hooked since then.
Anushka Rajat

My trainer suggested me Fast&Up Glutamine for muscle recovery, lets just say I thank him everyday ;)
Priya Bali

Best post-workout product!!
Kanchan Gupta

I used to feel completely drained post workout, due to which my training time decreased, I have been consuming this product for the past 2 months and I have never felt better
Anchal Mehra

Totally loving this product. Would definitely recommened.
Aditya Singh

DAMN GOOD PRODUCT. Life made easier.
Pranit Thakur

Not only I consume Glutamine but I have also suggest it to a few friends too.
Jatin Sehgal

When it comes to quality, nothing beats Fast&Up. Amazing products.
Piyush Goyal

Been amazed to see the results post using Glutamine
Jehan Furniturewala

As a trainer, I push my clients hard so they can achieve their goals without getting hurt. Fast&Up Glutamine has been a magical potion to them.
Aamir Siddiqui

5 stars for this amazing product!
Kabir Goswami

Hands down the best post workout drink.
Lalit Prasad

I have been a consisten consumer of Fast&Up, you guys have never given me a reason to look back. Amazing Product.
Jayesh Waskar

Fast&Up = Supreme Nutrition. Glutamine = Best Post Workout Supplement

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