FastandUp Complete Workout Bundle
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Fast&Up Complete Workout Bundle

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  • Pre workout drink with L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, kicks starts your workout routine with energy by increased blood flow, effective fat breakdown with preventing free radicals damage to the body.
  • Provides instant hydration and energy by maintaining electrolyte balance to prevent cramps, fatigue and exhaustion for an uninterrupted workout.
  • Instant Recovery drink with 20 Vegetarian Amino Acids for quick and easy muscle recovery after workout
  • Enhances protein synthesis in the body and Reduces muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness.
  • Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water. Let the tablet dissolve completely giving rich fizz to the drink.

Fast&Up Complete Workout bundle helps to provide you with instant energy boost required for a powerful workout session. Activate is an ideal pre-workout nutrition to initiate any activity strongly. It contains L-Arginine, L-Carnitine along with antioxidants for boosting the blood flow and effective fat breakdown by the body which improved the energy output for an energetic workout session. It also benefits in eliminating the free radicals damage caused during intense workout session to maintain health.

Reload hydration drink which is the most loved hydration choice for Runners and official energy drink for Tata Mumbai Marathon helps in reenergizing you during any activity with essentials electrolytes, vitamins, minerals antioxidants. It contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chlorides, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Calcium for an uninterrupted workout to help in performance boost. Intense workout causes muscle exhaustion. This is countered with help to Recover which has 20 amino acids which helps in energizing the body and keeps you active for your daily routine.

It also helps in promoting instant muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness making it an ideal muscle recovery drink with Fizz after workout sessions. Each tablet is to be taken in 250 ml of water by dissolving it completely. Activate is to be taken at least 30 minutes prior to workout and Recover is to be taken immediately after workout. Reload can be consumed any time of the day for instant hydration and energy.

Nutritional Information (Approximate values):

ActivateReload Lime & LemonRecover
NUTRIENTSPER TABLETPer 100 gPer 4g TabletPer 100 gPer 4g Tablet
Energy18.31 Kcal306.75 Kcal12.27 Kcal334.5 Kcal13.38 Kcal
Carbohydrate1.36 g77.75 g3.03 g50.5 g2.02 g
Total Sugars1.01 g64.5 g2.58 g7.5 g0.30 g
Protein3.15 g0.75 g0.03 g32 g1.28 g
Fat0.03 g0.25 g0.01 g0.5 g0.02 g

Each effervescent tablet contains:

ActivateReload Lime & LemonRecover
L-Arginine1500 mg--
L- Carnitine250 mg--
Lycopene (10%)12.5 mg--
Zinc Sulphate Equivalent to Elemental Zinc2.5 mg--
Essential Recovery ComplexTM (ERC)*--1.34 g
Sodium-180 mg-
Potassium-77 mg-
Chloride-122.87 mg-
Magnesium-20 mg-
Calcium-12.5 mg-
Vitamin C-37.5 mg-
Vitamin B12-1 mcg-
Vitamin D3-100 I.U.-

How to use - Drop one tablet in 250mL water. Wait until the tablet completely dissolves and the drink is ready to be taken! Activate should be ideally consumed 30 minutes prior to your workout for optimum results from workout. 

Q. Can we directly pop the tablet in the mouth?
Ans. The tablet cannot be consumed directly. One tablet should be dissolved in 250 ml of water, and should be consumed once the tablet has dissolved.
Q. Is there soda in the product?
Ans. Our products does not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz.
Q. Does it have chemicals, how can it replace natural food?
Ans. Our products are not meant to replace natural food, they supplement the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to today's diet and lifestyle.
Q. Is it healthy? Does it have any side effects?
Ans. The Fast&Up range of products are approved by FSSAI and does not include WADA restricted elements, therefore safe for long term use. It is healthy and beneficial to individuals who play sports or have an active lifestyle. The products have no side effects if used as directed, however you must consult your doctor before using it you suffer from any heart condition.
Q. I am a diabetic, can I use it?
Ans. Reload, Recover, Charge can be used by diabetics as well but do consult your doctor before you use it.

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